"Afghanistan Truth vs. The White House - How Do We Respond‏"...a message from the Progressive Democrats of America

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I received the following email from the Progressive Democrats of America on 5/4/12 : 

 Take action against WAR!

Discussion Article/Video 

Active Duty Whistleblower Lt. Col Davis - US Deceiving Public on Afghan War

Join the End Wars and Occupations Call on May 8th

Special Guest Michael Eisenscher
US Labor Against the War

Send Action Alerts to Congress

Healthcare NOT Warfare
H.R. 780 and 676

Support Iran Diplomacy
HR 4173

How is the war in Afghanistan going? Is there even any point to our Troops staying in harm's way? The truth is out. An active duty officer who regularly gets to all parts of Afghanistan says that the top brass is deceiving Congress and the American people with talk that things are going well. Congress has not reacted to this WhistleBlower; there have been no Congressional Hearings. The media is not covering these allegations. The Afghan people who are the most affected have no say.

But this truth-telling will be part of our next call on Tuesday, May 8. So watch the video before the call; spread this story to your own network. People need to have this information.

Tell the rest of us what you think of this WhistleBlower information on the PDA End War & Occupation Forum; this is where you can speak your mind and share your thoughts with others on this Issue Team.

Visit the End Wars and Occupations page on PDA Community for these recently posted articles.


Fact Sheet: The U.S. - Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement (White House Press Secretary)
In May 2010, in Washington, DC, President Obama and President Karzai committed our two countries to negotiate and conclude a strategic partnership that would provide a framework for our future relationship. On May 1, 2012, President Obama and President Karzai signed the Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United States of America. Read more...

RSVP for the End Wars and Occupations - Redirect Funding Call


Tuesday, May 8, 2012 


9:00 PM EST, 8:00PM CT, 7:00PM MT, 6:00 PM PST 


(605) 475-4800 Access Code 791628# 

Please remember to press *6 to mute your phone after you've announced yourself. Speaker phones, headphones, and VoIP systems all cause audio interference if your phone is not muted.




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  We hope you'll join us on this call!

 In Peace,Sally Weiss and Virginia Hauflaire
EWO Co-Coordinators  




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this is sad ... lets bring

this is sad ... lets bring our troopers home ... i don't hate the men and women in our army and never have ... i'm so proud of these brave people , but can we not give love and peace a chance to grow . we have so many inactive bases arround the world , why are these in afganistan so un fundeded ( troops or supplies) , if we want to leave and have a diplomatic solution , why do these peple have to risk their lives (and waste taxpayer money) , to do nothing . americia loves their soldiers , it's the leaders we are not so confident in . oboma might have started a with-draw , but can it be done sooner , and who is stopping it .

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tens of thousands , caused a

tens of thousands , caused a huge problem , when billions almost a trillion dollars , are spent on global inactive bases , wtf !

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also , americians pissing on

also , americians pissing on the enemy ... do we not culture our soliers to understand decency in war ... do we not love our brain washed enemy .... why piss on a sheep

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lilmorecountry wrote: also ,

lilmorecountry wrote:

also , americians pissing on the enemy ... do we not culture our soliers to understand decency in war ... do we not love our brain washed enemy .... why piss on a sheep

maybe they did it on purpouse ... maybe it was retalliation against themselves