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As I keep telling you.....WE OUTNUMBER those who would do our planet harm and would use our Mother Earth as an ATM! By getting involved we CAN make a difference and here is another WIN for the better of our earth! The message below was sent to me because of a petition I signed. I want to share it with you as another example of how important it is for you to take a moment out of your life to take ACTION on the issues before us. Now for the message sent to me>>

Great news for solar energy in California!

By a unanimous vote yesterday, the California Public Utilities Commission heeded the call of more than 27,000 CREDO Action members, and voted to approve a new standard for net metering that will ensure continued growth of roof-top solar in California, and could nearly double the amount of roof-top solar produced in our state!

This decision will close the utilities' net metering loophole which has allowed utilities to unfairly limit benefits to producers of solar energy in California.

PG&E and other utilities were pressuring PUC to reject the new plan. But the sheer number of Californians who took action enbled us to overcome that pressure. And our activism has won a great victory for clean energy.

Here's a blog post by our friends at Vote Solar if you'd like to read more about the decision:

Thanks for helping our state continue to lead the way in clean energy and the fight against climate change.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am



Fracking is a dangerous oil and natural gas drilling technique that could contaminate California's water, air and climate and endanger public health and wildlife like the California condor. Drilling is set to expand in our state even though it routinely employs chemicals like lead, arsenic, chromium 6 and benzene that go unmonitored and unregulated.

State officials don't even know where fracking is taking place.

Your voice is urgently needed at an upcoming workshop on fracking run by the Department of Conservation, right here in Ventura. Please join us in demanding regulations to protect our environment from this industry, which is associated with more than 1,000 documented cases of water contamination across the country.

RSVP here.

What: California Department of Conservation workshop on fracking

When: Wednesday, May 30 at 7 p.m.

Where: Ventura County Board of Supervisors chambers,
800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA 93009

We still have time to safeguard California's environment from fracking contamination, but we need your help to make it happen.

For more information on this and other Center for Biological Diversity activities, visit our events page.

Rose Braz, climate campaign director
(415) 436-9682, Ext. 319

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am

Has the United Nations disbanded and done away with AGENDA 21?


Ahh... quit yer yappin' then!

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm


Mega-sprawl Near California Wildlife Refuge Shut Down

The Center for Biological Diversity and allies have prevailed against a sprawling California development project. After a series of our coalition lawsuits, the "Villages of Lakeview" -- an exurb for 34,000 people to be constructed right next to the San Jacinto Wildlife Area in Riverside County, Calif. -- was dealt a devastating blow after a court rejected it last week. The 11,350 residential units and 500,000 square feet of commercial sprawl would have hurt wildlife, congested roads, and harmed the area's air quality -- and the world's climate -- by causing an additional 175,000 tons of greenhouse gas pollution every year.

A globally recognized biodiversity hotspot, the San Jacinto Wildlife Area is habitat for hundreds of critters that would've been at grave risk from these mega-sprawl "villages," including 300 resident and migratory birds, like endangered burrowing owls, California gnatcatchers and yellow-billed cuckoos.

Learn more about this boondoggle-that-almost-was in The Desert Sun.

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am


Thanks to the letters of thousands of UCS supporters like you, California will extend its incentives for rooftop solar. Last month, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) updated a state program to pave the way for more rooftop solar power.

This statewide clean energy program, called net metering, has helped install more than 100,000 solar energy systems on homes, businesses, schools, libraries, and other buildings around the state.

When homeowners and small building owners install solar panels, any excess electricity they do not use can be sent back to the electricity grid for others to use. The solar owners get credit on their electricity bills for sharing their extra clean, renewable energy.

The program almost fell victim to its own success—participation in the program was so high there was a risk of hitting a vaguely defined limit on the amount of power that could receive the net metering incentive. Now that the CPUC has taken action, solar installers will continue to have plenty of business putting up more rooftop panels in California.

Thanks for your support. Read more about this rooftop solar victory.


Chris Carney
Western Region Outreach Coordinator
Union of Concerned Scientists

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am


Moments ago, the Senate voted to REJECT Senator Inhofe’s toxic air assault!

This victory is a direct result of your action. You and 79,073 other EDF activists stood strong for clean air, and the Senate listened.

This bipartisan vote reaffirmed EPA’s authority, allowing the agency to do its job, and reduce the mercury and other toxic pollution emitted from power plants into the air we breathe. This vote will save up to 1,000 lives each year, help prevent neurological damage in babies, and make it safer to eat fish caught in American waters.

We should all be grateful to the 53 Senators from both parties who stopped this unconscionable attack on cleaner, healthier air for America’s children.

Now the fight shifts to supporting EPA’s landmark rule to limit global warming pollution from America’s power plants. 81,859 of you have already taken action to support this rule, which leaves us a bit short of our 100,000 comment goal before this Monday’s comment deadline — June 25th.

Please make sure to send your comments to EPA today.

Thank you for taking a stand against dirty energy,

Heather Shelby
Action Network Coordinator

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am


Breaking News: We Win Major Concession on New Supplement GuidanceJune 20, 2012 Print This Post

FDA reverses itself– for now.

We have pointed out for months that the FDA’s NDI (new supplement) guidance threatens our access to supplements and indeed could destroy the industry, leaving drugs with a total monopoly.

After adamantly digging in its heals and refusing to reconsider, FDA has now at last agreed that the draft NDI guidance requires substantial revision. This follows a meeting between FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and Mike Taylor, Deputy Commissioner of Foods, with Senators Harkin and Hatch, longtime champions of natural health.

According to our sources, the FDA stated in the meeting that the guidance would be revised to account for the numerous comments and concerns, and released in draft form once again, which will then be open for public comment. This is exactly what we asked for!

The FDA’s decision is a dramatic reversal of the position taken in an earlier meeting with the Senators’ representatives, in which they adamantly refused this very same request. While we may never know how or why the FDA changed their position, it is very likely that they were responding to our sustained public messages opposing the current NDI draft guidance.

ANH-USA has also been working closely with the Appropriations Committee that controls the FDA’s purse strings. We recently helped secure report language in the Appropriations Committee censuring the FDA for prematurely enforcing the NDI draft guidance while supposedly still in draft. The report goes on to further state: “The Committee urges FDA to withdraw the July 2011 NDI draft guidance and re-engage the dietary supplement community to develop a new guidance on what constitutes NDI.” This appears to be another reason the FDA is finally listening.

While the FDA has not yet agreed to a specific timeline for revising the guidance, nor indicated what exactly will be revised, they did commit to collaborating with the dietary supplement industry to create a list of agreed-upon “grandfathered” dietary ingredients (ie. supplements). A “grandfathered” dietary ingredient is an ingredient marketed before 1994 and therefore not considered an NDI (new). Grandfathered dietary ingredients are therefore not subject to the NDI guidance. Currently, there is no authoritative list of “grandfathered” dietary ingredients, leaving the legal status of many dietary supplements in limbo.

Although an authoritative list of “grandfathered” dietary ingredients could be useful to the supplement industry, we fear that the FDA will use this as an opportunity to knock out supplements that were indeed on the market before 1994 but may not meet the FDA’s idea of proof. This is precisely what happened to pyridoxamine, one of only three natural and bioavailable forms of vitamin B6. Although we know that pyridoxamine was on the market before 1994, the FDA determined that there was not enough of the right kind of evidence to conclusively prove so, and removed the ingredient from the market.

ANH-USA will participate in this process to try to ensure that the list of “grandfathered” dietary ingredients is inclusive in order to maintain your access to as many supplements as possible. We will also try to prevent the FDA from using the list as an excuse to delay indefinitely their promise to revise the draft guidance.

Our readers have sent hundreds of thousands of messages to the FDA regarding the NDI draft guidance issue. We have just won an important preliminary victory and it wouldn’t have happened without you! Now on to the next phase of the struggle. If we are patient and persistent, we will win.

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am

Follow the link to another example of winning. Watch the video to see how a group of liberal activists stole the discussion from the TeaParty.

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Liberal Gabriel
Jun. 19, 2012 4:33 pm

Thank you I will check it out!!!

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am

Again letters to our Senators have helped save the day!

Victory in the Senate!

We defeated Sen. Inhofe's bill -- S.J. Res 37 -- which would have used the obscure Congressional Review Act to block EPA's new emission standards for hazardous mercury and other toxic air pollution.

Want to see how YOUR Senator voted so you can either send an email thanking them or a letter of disgust. Click on the link below.

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am


Today is a good day for climate progress in America and for the thin layer of atmosphere that sustains life on Earth.

Moments ago, a federal appeals court upheld EPA's climate pollution emission standards, rejecting four legal challenges that had been filed by industry groups and several states' attorneys general.

The court ruled in favor of clean air protections in four major cases, denying petitions against the Climate Pollution Endangerment Finding and the Clean Car Standards and dismissing petitions against the Timing and Tailoring Rules.

EDF activists submitted tens of thousands of comments in favor of these critical rules and today's court decision affirms our efforts to defend EPA's common sense solutions to promote cleaner air and a safer climate future.

This ruling also comes one day after the public comment period closed on the proposed new EPA rule that would limit climate pollution from new fossil fuel power plants. An incredible 113,579 EDF activists joined a record-shattering 2 million Americans who submitted comments in favor of this rule that, if implemented, will help end dirty energy as we know it.

These are huge accomplishments made possible in large part thanks to the generous support and committed activism of you and hundreds of thousands of other EDF members. Thank you for all you do and please join me in celebrating today's historic ruling.

Thank you,

Fred Krupp

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am


As you may have heard, the Senate passed their version of the 2012 Farm Bill late last week. And thanks to your support, it included some major victories for all of us who want to see healthier food and farms.

Over the past few months, you told Congress that you want to see more support for local and healthy foods instead of subsidies for unhealthy, processed foods. The Senate heard you, and now we are one step closer to creating a healthier food and farm system.

The approved bill includes many improvements, such as new measures that will ensure fair safety nets for organic farmers, programs that will invest in a new wave of farmers growing the kind of healthful food we need, and common-sense limits to certain crop subsidies. While the bill is still far from perfect, this is a big step forward, and we want to thank you for your contribution to making this happen.

But, the Farm Bill is not done yet—the House will soon begin working on their version of the Farm Bill, and not only do we expect a tougher fight for our priorities, but we will also have to do even more to protect the gains we just made in the Senate. We hope you'll stick with us in urging Congress to create a healthier food and farm system.

We all have something to cheer about today—thank you for your support of local and healthy food!


Jenn Yates
National Field Organizer

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am


This is a win for the environment worth celebrating.

Last week, we succeeded in bringing down a Goliath ... none other than Exxon Mobil.

Thanks to your activism, we forced the oil giant to back down in its quest to turn a remote and wild stretch of the Rocky Mountains into an industrial transportation corridor.

Exxon has formally withdrawn its application with the state of Montana to ship thousands of mega-sized tractor trailers, filled with tar sands equipment, along the pristine Lolo Pass, high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Since we first learned of Exxon’s plans in 2010, tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders like you stood strong in vocally opposing Exxon’s dangerous “mega-load” scheme.

Your messages to the state of Montana and the U.S. Forest Service helped persuade officials to delay the project last year. Now, in the face of overwhelming public opposition, Exxon has officially thrown in the towel.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Exxon’s frightening plan called for hauling mining equipment, some of it as long as 210 feet and over 300,000 pounds, through this vulnerable ecosystem and onward to Canada.

Not only would building the transportation corridor have destroyed one of the most beautiful stretches of the Lewis and Clark trail, it would have paved the way for Exxon to extract more oil through the dirty process of tar sands mining.

In Canada, tar sands development has already caused devastation in the boreal forest -- creating vast toxic waste sites, destroying critical wildlife habitat for millions of migratory birds, and generating three times the amount of global warming pollution as conventional fuel production.

With this victory, residents in Rocky Mountain communities on both sides of the border can breathe easier.

I hope you’ll join with me in celebrating this momentous win. And thank you again for fighting alongside NRDC to defeat Exxon Mobil.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am

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