ALEC members are dropping like flies

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More than a dozen corporate members have dropped their membership since April – and now mostly Democratic state lawmakers are fleeing ALEC.  Since last week – 28 legislators cancelled their ALEC memberships – including four Nebraska legislators just yesterday.  One Nebraska State Senator – Heath Mello – commented on ALEC saying, “They’ve become very extreme on a lot of issues.  I don’t want to be used as a political pawn.”  “Very extreme” is an understatement. 

ALEC is dismantling our democracy with Voter ID laws – poisoning our air and water with anti-EPA laws – and increasing murders around the country with Shoot First laws.  Let’s keep up the pressure on Koch brother-funded corporatocracy.


Here is a link to a recent

Here is a link to a recent blog post by telliottmbamsc on this topic :