Americans who want a government that works are screwed

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The Republican Party kicked another moderate to the curb last night.  After 35 years of serving in the Senate – Indiana Senator Dick Lugar lost a primary battle Tuesday night to Tea Party Republican challenger Richard Mourdock.  Lugar’s fate was sealed after he crossed the aisle to support the auto bailout, START nuclear treaty, and President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees. 

Unlike Lugar who was willing to compromise with Democrats – Mourdock is anti-compromise.  In an interview this morning with MSNBC – Mourdock said that his idea of “bipartisanship” is “Democrats coming to the Republican point of view.”  In his victory speech last night – Mourdock quoted Ronald Reagan, seemingly unaware that Reagan himself – who raised taxes on the rich, cut nuclear arms with the Soviet Union, and gave amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants – would no longer be welcome in today’s Republican Party.


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This revisionism has got to

This revisionism has got to stop. Since when did Ronald "taxes are for little people" Reagan ever raise taxes on anyone making more than the Social Security maximum? In your own testimony, Thom, Reagan managed to raise tax revenues - for a short time - by lowering the capital gains tax, which encouraged the rich to strip the wealth out of their businesses.

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Wah wah wah... maybe the

Wah wah wah... maybe the people in Indiana made the Globalist connection with Lugar and it's all part of a patriotic insurgence to oust these Globalist kakistocrats out of Washington DC and put the NWO agenda in the trash where it belongs.

Reagan was no Globalist but the Bush family that controlled things behind the scenes were.

Good riddance to Globalist politicians.

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Beware of FOUNDATION OPERATIVES in "liberal" or "progressive" clothing!

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What kind of good will

What kind of good will getting rid of Lugar have done if Mourdock is clearly worse than Lugar was?

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Getting rid of a Globalist

Getting rid of a Globalist for a Constitutionalist-Republican is always a good thing.

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Mourdock certainly does not

Mourdock certainly does not sound like a Constitutionalist, if he is a non-negotiable Republican — and will not follow the Constitution's Preamble to promote the general Welfare. He may not be playing on the Globalist team yet—but he'll be getting work done for them if he tries to cut social programs and to bring our people to austerity with the other non-Constitutional Republicans.

Problem not solved.

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I say get rid of them all and

I say get rid of them all and start over with a new batch that have read and understand the constitution that way maybe we can keep them following it.