Audio distortion on live stream from Thom's home page- ??

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Has anyone else experienced this?  It seems especially bad on today's show (5/2/12).
I've not had this problem with other online audio sources ...



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Which stream? I'm not

Which stream? I'm not noticing anything on the MP3 stream.


I noticed a bit of a sound

I noticed a bit of a sound problem today also while watching live on the Livestream page that carries the video feed which is sent out to Free Speech TV (FSTV). The distortion made me run the sound level at a lower volume than usual to lower the level of the interference. I left the show an hour before it ended due to time constraints, and wanted to catch that last hour later. Right after I read your original post I went over to the Livestream page and it was "Offline"; todays show replay was not listed. After a couple of tries, I was able to get the 5/1 show to start to play, but it also went "Offline". It appears that they were having technical difficulties of some sort.  Here are the two pages that carry the tv feed live during the show, and have replays available at other times : 

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Thanks, captbebops.  I was on

Thanks, captbebops.  I was on the home page, and had clicked directly onto the "radio show" player.  In the past, I've noticed some audio "clipping" distortion during certain segments and promos.  But, yesterday's show was so consistently bad that I had to switch over to SiriusXm (which I prefer not to do because of their annoying commercials).

miksilver - Good to know that the problem is not likely on my end.  Thanks for the comments and links!