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Do we really NEED an overnight multi-billionaire?  Especially one as tweaked as Mark Zuckerberg?  What damage will he inflict on society?  Not that he hasn't already.

The sheeple sign up for Fascistbook but I don't.  More and more the MSM decides they only want people with REAL names to comment on their stories so put comments on Fascistbook.

Fascistbook in cooperation with the North American Republic of China continues with the stifling of dissent.

Old Chinese proverb: may you live in interesting times.



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Sorta fizzled didn't it?  Too

Sorta fizzled didn't it?  Too much hype?


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  As an old privacy activist


As an old privacy activist who 20 years ago refused to ever give my real name even for supermarket clubs, the idea of Facebook scares the hell out of me. The problem with such invasions of privacy is they only give a company a temporary market advantage and soon they'll have to escalate those invasions. Nor can companies be trusted with personal info. They can change their Terms Of Service at any time… as DoubleClick did in the late 90's. They started out saying they didn't want anything but anonymous profiles to serve targeted ads to. Then they declared that they right to connect anonymous data to personal profiles and they were free to sell that info. Another company, perhaps eToys, said customer records would remain private but when they went bankrupt, creditors forced the courts to declare those records mere property that could be sold regardless of what the privacy policy of the company had been.


Facebook sits at the nexus of a massive invasion of personal privacy all to enable more corporate manipulation of Facebook members. This SHOULD scare the piss out of all of us. More outrageous is when companies or organizations give only Facebook as their main contact point. They want those "likes" after all. We should NOT have to join a third party site to contact a company. GM withdrew all its Facebook ads just in the past few days saying they were ineffective. Facebook will have to react with new ploys to invade privacy and leave their members open to even more exploitation.

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Some quick tips on how

Some quick tips on how Windows users can protect their on-line privacy...

Get an ad-blocker... not just one that's browser based but one that modifies the hostlist. Info here: These lists can be used to also block malware sites.

Get a cookie manager like the one in the free CCleaner:

This allows you to keep all your login cookies, like to this site, and delete all the others. Sites don't have to place ads to serve you a cookie that can be used to track you but web beacons... a one pixel image. One site I visited placed some 96 cookies on my PC.  

Manage your Flash supercookies using the Flash Manager here:

Use a browser that allows you to easily shut off Flash, Javascript, or Java. The Avant browser has easy access to all these control.

Change your IP often. This may not be possible if you have cable hi-speed but can be done by unpluging a DSL browser for about 10 seconds. You can check before/after IPs here:




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Call this kind of IPO -

Call this kind of IPO - HypePO.

Because they chose not to invest in real things, like Americans, they are left with only imaginary things to inflate numbers like GDP.  Bubble-blowing economic policies are the refuge of dishonest administrations that just want to get past the next election cycle and could care less how much real pain and suffering their incompetence and apathy cause.

As for this one (I prefer FecalBook - 'cause it's the place you put your sh*t) and it's amazing rise in popularity and success - recall that in the late 90's law enforcement was beginning to use facial recognition software.

It's first well-publicised use was at the Feb 2001 Superbowl (yes 7+ months before 9-11).  One recognized deficiency was the low availability of current photos and unlike MySpace, real names attached to them.

Surprise, surprise.   The social webiste that specialized in this got nothing but encouragement from the media and business communities.

Gee, what a lucky break for them.  But what an odd thing for some to want to financially benefit from (convincing you to turn over your identity and behavior characteristics to others so that they [not you] can benefit from it).

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And we are now officially

And we are now officially blocked from knowing what interaction the CIA and NSA has with Google's data.  All in the name of "protecting us from terrorists" of course.   Protect us my ass.



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Facebook And IT Companies

Facebook And IT Companies Cook the Books. 

and...corrupt High Freqency Trading in a rigged casino stock market to pump and dump paper corporations based on nothing:

FaceBook: The Complete Forensic Post-Mortem

...From a delayed opening, to 2 hour trade confirmation delays, virtually everyone was in the dark about what was really happening behind the scenes! As the analysis below shows, what happened was at times sheer chaos, where everything was hanging by a thread, because if FB had gotten the BATS treatment, it was lights out for the stock market. Well, the D-Day was avoided for now, but at what cost? And how much over the greenshoe FaceBook stock overallotment did MS have to buy to prevent it from tumbling below $30 because as Reuters reminds us, "had Morgan Stanley bought all of the shares traded around $38 in the final 20 minutes of the day, it would have spent nearly $2 billion." What about the first defense of $38?  In other words: in order to make some $67 million for its Investment Banking unit, was MS forced to eat a several hundred million loss in its sales and trading division just to avoid looking like the world's worst underwriter ever? We won't know for a while, but in the meantime, here is a visual summary of the key events during yesterday's far less than historic IPO.