HCAP dictates a life or death sentence

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Katherine Speer
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I'm the daughter of an 82 year old leukemia patient whose care is being compromised by one of the US largest medical Corporations HCAP over Memorial Day weekend May 2012. This week they shut down my mother's Cancer Center in So Florida Aventura and fired her Oncologist with no notice for no reason. We've been lied to and given the run around by HCAP.  It is a tragic political move by the Aventura Cancer Center.  HCAP is tied to Bain Capital, Mitt Romney and Rick Scott. Now they are putting Profits before Peoples' lives.  No communication has been given as to why.  Imagine having your doctor disappear in the midst of being blood transfusion dependent, undergoing chemo, or radiation.  A week later staff rumored that they may put another physician in charge after I found a reporter to cover the story, but again no one patient was formally notified.  I have been told by a source this is called Abandonment of Care and that a corporation cannot come between a patient and their doctor.  Please see this link:  


We are actively trying to find a solution with an outside hospital but feel no trust for these 'people' now in charge of her care.  Her next transfusion is less than a week away and she now has to start from scratch to find help.  Her care is life and death and this corporation has not only tried to destroy a physician's career but dramatically affected hundreds of lives in the immediate area.  


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Just like warmongers, crony

Just like warmongers, crony capitalists are more than willing to accept cases like your mother as "collateral damage" in the pursuit of personal gain.  This is truly tragic and I'm afraid it is one of many such cases across the country.  I wish you the best of luck for your mother.