Joplin, Mo., one year after the killer tornado ... a visit with some of the survivors, and stories of rebuilding

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CBS Sunday Morning had a story on the 5/13/12 episode about Ruben Carter, an employee of a gas station in Joplin, who saved the lives of 24 others with his quick thinking during the EF-5 tornado that killed about 160 people. This was one case where having a person being "underemployed" proved to be a life saver for those around him at a critical time. Lee Cowan reports for CBS :

Joplin, Mo.: One year after disaster;lst;5

Other stories that CBS News has done on Joplin :

Home page for CBS Sunday Morning :;categoryNav

Stories that CBS does not post there sometimes are loaded by users or CBS on youtube (sorted by date to bring most recent stories to top) :


Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

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