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Sacramento Dave
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We should Always Strive to Focus:


    Our Minds, Our Heart-thoughts, and Gut-Felt Motivations:


In ways that will produce:


     Discussions, Arguments and Debates,

   Designed and Crafted in ways:


That will Benefit People:




We should Focus our Core Energies especially:

        On promoting Nonviolent Methods,

                  And on Improving Communications:


      Between ALL                  Political Extremes and Radical Thinkers;

     Between ALL                Religious People and Sciences;



              And on Securing:            Human Rights 

                                and                        Democratic Freedoms,

                                                                                   For: ALL Peoples;

And to                        Conserve and Restore:

                                  Our                         Precious MOTHER Earth.


humanitys team
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Welcome to Humanity,s team,we

Welcome to Humanity,s team,we seek to pre-serve life to preserve life and this would allow our mother earth to sustain us and for future generations to live long and prosper !!!


p.s  i  care .