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In Canada, a plan to slaughter more than 6,000 wolves over the next five years is coming closer to reality as escalating tar sands development transforms vital habitat into huge toxic wastelands.

But that's not stopping Big Oil and their allies in the U.S. Congress, who are once again pushing legislation to fast-track the Keystone XL pipeline--a project that would drive a rapid expansion of tar sands operations and put the lives of thousands of wolves at risk.

Save wolves from dirty oil--urge your members of Congress to vote NO against the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline today.

Widespread deforestation of habitat as a result of oil and gas development in Canada has pushed woodland caribou to the brink of regional extinction. But instead of protecting caribou habitat to ensure their survival, the Canadian government has made wolves the culprit--shooting them from them air and poisoning them with strychnine.

Over 500 wolves have already been killed, and this persecution is planned to expand because of tar sands development. Canada's Minister of Environment Peter Kent has said that 6,000 wolves will need to be killed to "rescue" caribou impacted by loss of habitat.

Stop the senseless killing of wolves by urging Congress to stop the Keystone XL pipeline today.

Stopping the massive Keystone XL pipeline--which would roughly double imports of dirty tar sands oil into the United States--is a critical step in protecting wolves from the dangerous expansion of tar sands. Earlier this year, the U.S. Senate rejected a bill that would have overruled President Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline and expedited its approval. Now, this dangerous legislation has resurfaced--and we may not win this time if we don't speak up.

Your members of Congress need to hear from you that boosting Big Oil's profits at the expense of wildlife is not acceptable. With your voice today, we can help stop these cruel killings and ensure wolves and many more wildlife can thrive for years to come.

Keep up the fight for Canada's wolves by urging your members of Congress to stand up against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.

Sue Brown
Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
Twitter: @wildlifeaction
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Does anybody care?

Does anybody care?

Fletcher Christian
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Does anybody care?

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MrsBJLee wrote: Does anybody

MrsBJLee wrote:

Does anybody care?

Yes.  But to stop it we have to get off the addiction to cheap energy that runs the infinite growth industrial economy.  That means conscious radical change in the ways we live.  Until we do that more than enough people will only see the need for desperate measure like slaughtering our fellow non human beings that make up the biosphere.  The wolves are only the tip of the slaughter caused by tar sand oil extraction processes. Oh, they might feel a little bad about it if you shove a picture in their face, but then they'll just distract themselves and think about something else, like buying something, while they get in their cars and drive to their corporate cubicles so they can pay the rent or mortgage.  And, damn! who's making those gas prices shoot up like this?  Must be the speculators on Wall Street.

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Look....we can't give up. We

Look....we can't give up. We ARE making progress.......slowly.....but we are making progress and many even across the boarder are fighting the tar sands production and pipelines.

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Hi MrsBJLee, I care. I care

Hi MrsBJLee,

I care. I care very deeply. It seems to be another result of the majority of humans that have come to believe and accept that nature is over there and human animals are over here. That we are separate and somehow above nature. The arrogance and ignorance of some beliefs that promote dualistic mind and the seperation of heart and mind within our own bodies is very depressing for me. I do what I can.  I know of no other animals on the planet that have religion and nuke other animals of their own species, or hord resources to the point of starving to death children and entire populations. etc., etc, on and on........ other than the human animal. I care MrsBJLee and it's breaking my heart.

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I keep hoping for a change. I

I keep hoping for a change. I had hoped the President was truely going to make some great changes in our energy policies so we could really move forward with clean energy and leave fossil fuel in the ground where it belongs. He started in that direction in the beginning. I don't know what happened that threw him into this "All of the Above" "drill baby drill" mentality!

What's happening in Canada is going to happen here too. I have seen maps of tar sands and oil leased lands that have not yet been drilled but you can bet they will now. Canadian tar sands is destroying so MUCH of the beautiful boreal forest and the 50 square miles of toxic ponds can be seen from space! Now they want to kill wolves so caribou can live (so they have caribou to (kill) hunt). But it's not much different than all the wolves here in the United States that are no longer protected under the endangered species act so now they are hunted from the air, trapped and shot all so we can have more land for cows.

In the cities, they continue to move INTO the edge of the wilderness and then they want to kill the wildlife that ends up in the neighborhoods! Where is the wildlife supposed to live? I guess only in zoos or as a trophy on someones wall. 

Thank you for you response. We are like minded and of kindred spirits.

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"The Canadian Oil Sand Mines

"The Canadian Oil Sand Mines Refused Us Access, So We Rented This Plane To See What They Were Up To"

Read more:

MrsBJLee wrote;"What's happening in Canada is going to happen here too. I have seen maps of tar sands and oil leased lands that have not yet been drilled but you can bet they will now. "

This GAO report. UNCONVENTIONAL OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION supports your observation. Page 4 shows the maps.

Opportunities and Challenges of Oil Shale Development, was released May 10, 2012.

What GAO Found

In its October 2010 report, GAO noted that oil shale development presents the following opportunities for the United States: 

• Increasing domestic oil production. Tapping the vast amounts of oil locked within U.S. oil shale formations could go a long way toward satisfying the nation’s future oil demands. Oil shale deposits in the Green River Formationare estimated to contain up to 3 trillion barrels of oil, half of which may be recoverable, which is about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves.

• Socioeconomic benefits. Development of oil shale resources could lead to the creation of jobs, increases in wealth, and increases in tax and royalty payments to federal and state governments for oil produced on their lands. The extent of these benefits, however, is unknown at this time because the ultimate size of the industry is uncertain.