Michele Bachmann is a citizen of Switzerland?

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If Michele Bachmann loves America so much – then why is she now a citizen of Switzerland?  According to a Swiss TV report on Tuesday – Michele’s husband – Marcus Bachmann took a break from “healing the gays” to revisit his roots and become a Swiss citizen alongside the rest of his family.  In an interview with Swiss TV – Michele Bachmann doted on Switzerland – saying, “It’s tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland.” 

She’s now eligible to run for office in Switzerland – but she said she has no intentions to do that – which makes me think the only reason she did become a Swiss citizen was for the universal healthcare.


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Two possibilities: 1) She was

Two possibilities:

1) She was a crypto-Swiss citizen all along and was never eligible to run for President.  Let's see the birth certificate!


2) She just wants to be close to her money in the Swiss bank accounts.

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She probably knows the doom

She probably knows the doom America will experience come the collapse.

Typical female coward, has her escape route plotted out instead of fighting for the country that she thrived in.

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Some stories are  just too

Some stories are  just too bizarre to make up.