Mmm... Home Made Apple Cider Molotov Cocktails, Yummy!

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Fletcher Christian
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So some "anarchist's" were arrested right before the NATO pow wow.

The headlines read that they were making home made molotov cocktails... out of their home made BEER kettles!

Really?  You have to make those from scratch?  Gasoline from the gas station won't work?

This is part of a much larger narrative.

"HOME GROWN TERRORISM" is now the official propaganda tool of the United States of America.

But you all know this already... you're such a smart, fine tuned bunch who don't fall for such nasty tricks like that.

You guys don't really fall for tricks like this, do you?





Fletcher Christian
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The message that is being forced down our throats is, "FEAR YOUR NEIGHBOR!"

I've seen the new marines commercial.  "Running Toward The Sounds Of Chaos".

I'm sure this includes YOUR back yard!  Because you can bet your sweet ass that when those "Executive Orders" start to be enacted... there will be CHAOS!

The squeaky wheel will get the oil.  The "squeaky wheel" will be YOU and the "oil" will be a marine with a gun in your face after he breaks down your door!

So be alert to many more FALSE FLAG operations that will be hyped by the media as home grown anarchists/terrorists and KNOW that it's all Bull Shit!

Just like what happened earlier THIS month up in Minnesota.  This is how and where they find their patsies.

Let's not forget what the PNAC document stated.  "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor".

Meaning... they cause the Shit to hit the fan and then they run in with the "solution" to the problem that THEY created in the first place!  PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION

In the meantime... we lose more and more of our freedoms and RIGHTS!

I know... sounds crazy.  But for further PROOF of just how low our "representative" government can get is contained in the OPERATION NORTHWOODS document.

This is the "how to" section of tyranny.  Everything that one would want to know about false flag operations is contained in this document.  Hijacking, bombing, fake news stories... you name it!

Our news isn't "news worthy".  When a story does "break", it's 99% controlled opposition and 1% viewer apathy.

Let's get smart!  I've already heard 3 local news stories that this summer there are going to be RECORD deaths attributed to food shortages and heat.  I have NEVER heard predictions like that before in my life!  So, knowing what I know... and NOW you know it too!

Be aware of Bull Shit!  Recognize it WHILE it's happening and tell them to blow it out their ass!

You're not going to keep falling for it!


Fletcher Christian
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Cops Plant Drugs On

Cops Plant Drugs On Suspect!

The MOST troubling thing about this video is that...


Yeah... OK!  So these are the types of fellas that you want in control of EVERYTHING!  They should be the ONLY armed citizens in our society!?!

They think it's FUNNY to set people up and RUIN their lives!

The people that have run FALSE FLAG operations like WTC building 7 think it's funny too!

They LAUGH at how DUMB we were to believe in all of this crap.

Think again.


Fletcher Christian
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Those "Executive Orders" are

Those "Executive Orders" are NOTHING to worry about.

Think again.

Fletcher Christian
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Nothing... not important? Not

Nothing... not important?

Not enough "proof" for ya, Dr. Econ?

Is this ALL conspiracy?

Just fake, made up, crazy, RIGHT WING, paranoia?

Maybe this thread should be BOYCOTTED!


Fletcher Christian
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I'm going to stage a ONE MAN

I'm going to stage a ONE MAN sit in!

Maybe Harry Asheburn will join me?

I'd prefer Jackie Noise!

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Yeah the more evidence you

Yeah the more evidence you post correlates to the lessening of left-wingers posting here.

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Quote: I am just sick of old

Quote: I am just sick of old people who go through life with a High School education trying to talk intelligently on subjects they know nothing about.

antikakistocrat wrote:
 I am just sick of old people who go through life with a High School education trying to talk intelligently on subjects they know nothing about.

Art wrote:
It really chafes on me to be forced to respond to an ad hominum like this.


Two Masters degrees. One MST and one MBA. Care to tell us about your educational background?

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Stumbled across this set of

Stumbled across this set of old gems from currently absent, FC (pretty good stuff, really).

Either there is a rift in this timeline [you have no idea how much paperwork is required when this happens] or Art is posting a reply to a hallucination in order to broadcast that he has the same kind of educational background as the folks that brought us Torture Memos, Lying into War, Collateralized Debt Obligations and the accompanying fraudulent concept of rehypothicating them.

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At least he isn't a

At least he isn't a necro-poster

I know, Stwo, that you are

I know, Stwo, that you are being sarcastic when you say that. I respect your right to resist what displeases you, because we all have our ways to resist when it seems like causes very important to us are being attacked or ridiculed. However, logically speaking, what you said was not an argument. While so, it does have the potential to be an argument.

Stwo, I might be dismissive of what you said in this particular post, but I still respect you for fighting a cause. Sarcasm spoken for a cause is better than blind submission, I guess...

Do you have any critiques you would like to give to me? 

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Ah, another case of my not

Ah, another case of my not being hip enough to realize in what manner a statement was proffered.

I am reminded of the young lady working the check-out a few years back that took secret pleasure in her inside joke when she asked me how I liked my electric razor.  (They miss areas due to facial contours.)   She could hardly wait to text her peers about her clever wit.  One of her peers was in my bowling league, re-relating the story.  Apparently this was the big accomplishment of the day.

When last I noticed she was still working the check-out at that same store.

Found the explanation for "necro-poster" in the Urban Dictionary.  In one way it fits precisely.  I'll add it to the list of my accomplishments.

I couldn't find the nuvo-slang for when one resurrects an old thread, not of a worn out subject, but rather of one that had gone largely ignored (for whatever reasons) and with the passage of time now reads almost prescient (in spots) - in order to pay a sort of compliment to the original poster.

For me, looking up an "old" thread to add new info to is geared toward reducing all the redundant info that gets posted every time someone creates a new thread even though they're really just resuming a prior discussion because of new developments.

Perhaps this practice could be called: neonecro-posting  or perhaps: revival-posting or even: resusci-posting.

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Stwo, I apologize for this


I apologize for this arrogant, self righteous, and downright flawed post I did. How dare I be such a wisemouth jerk. I needed to counter your point in your post, but I didn't need to "critique" your writing style like a wise acre. I'm sorry.

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I want to remind some, who

I want to remind some, who get all excited today, about any of a number of topics (as though they are unaware they are just being led around by the nose again) - that even non-professional posters were railing about many such things (to little avail) at least a couple of years ago.

We need to stop behaving like it's not worth our time unless we can be the first to take up the fight.

Another good source for stuff like this (other than just doing keyword searches on a site like this) is (edited to fix this).

They have MP3 archives of "old" radio shows.

The weekend, when there are fewer live shows, is an excellent time to do this.

I would suggest starting with the March 25, 2009 Rob Kall show.  Especially the 45 minute interview with William Greider which starts a little over 13 minutes into the hour long show.

See how much of what some so-called progressives are putting forth today - has not changed or is actually weaker than what some were pointing out over 5 years ago.