The Myth of Republican Job Creation and Economic Stewardship

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Over the past 48 years Republicans have held presidential office for 28 of those years. Over 81 million jobs were created. Of the jobs created during that span Republicans created just 32.7mil jobs. Thats a paltry 39.9% of all jobs created during that span.

By contrast, the Democratic Administrations created over 60% of all jobs created. Even Jimmy Carter did better than every Republican except Reagan.

The Republicans depend on the old idium the says if you tell a lie long enough and strong enough the people will believe. Our job is destroy these lies with the truth. Every time they try to feed us and the rest of the country we must beat down these lies with the truth.

Check out the chart below or go to the url:

President                            Years                                     Jobs Created

Bush (R)                               2000-2008                            3.0

Clinton (D)                          1992-2000                            25.1

Bush (R)                               1988-1992                            2.5

Reagan (R)                          1980-1988                            16.0

Carter (D)                            1976-1980                            10.5

Ford (R)                                1973-1976                            1.8

Nixon (R)                             1968-1973                            9.4

Johnson (D)                         1963-1968                            11.6

Kennedy  (D)                       1960-1963                            3.5




Hey, "fact" is just a

Hey, "fact" is just a four-letter word.  They can ruin a good story, not to mention doing serious damage to dreams.  Buzz kill on the Right, so don't expect them to take this seriously.

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I knew Carter created more

I knew Carter created more jobs in 4 years than w did in 8. Yet no journalist challenges romney when he derides Carter on a regular basis.