Newark Mayor Corey Booker's campaign contributions from Bain Capital executives

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Newark Mayor Corey Booker raised some eyebrows over the weekend when he slammed the Obama campaign’s ads against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.  Booker’s comments have been picked by Conservatives to criticize the Obama campaign strategy.  Now, ThinkProgress is out with some new information explaining why Booker was so quick to defend Bain. 

Going as far back as 2002 – when Booker first ran for Mayor – he’s collected tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from – you guessed it – Bain Capital executives.  He’s also received more than a half-million dollars from the Wall Street and the financial industry during his political career. 

Booker is a savvy politician – and he knows rule number one of politics in the post-Citizens United age, and that’s don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


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Isn't one of the President's

Isn't one of the President's main "bundlers" a Bain executive?