Peter G. Peterson wants your Social Security money

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In screwed news…meet Wall Street billionaire – Pete Peterson – the man trying to destroy Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as we know it. According to tax documents – between 2007 and 2011 – Peterson has given nearly a half-billion dollars to his Peter G. Peterson Foundation to run ads and lobby Congress warning that federal safety net programs are going broke and need to be drastically cut or privatized.

And last Tuesday – Peterson hosted a “fiscal summit” with power plays like Bill Clinton, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner on reducing the deficit by cutting Social Security and Medicare. Senator Bernie Sanders was also at the meeting – though he wasn’t invited. He was there to protest - and we should all be doing the same to stop Pete Peterson from destroying our social safety net.

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Thom Hartmann A...
Dec. 29, 2009 10:59 am


This is why I firmly and defiantly state that I am independent.

Our society should operate as a "natural state". What I mean is there should be a BUNCH of systems at work... like how our body functions with multiple systems.

Our body has a nervous system, respiratory system, and a circulatory system.

Social Security is "socialism"... and I LIKE it! I think that the OLD in our society shouldn't have to worry about money.

I think that "capitalism" is a GREAT motivator... and should be implemented in small doses. I think patents should run out... they should not last FOREVER! That's the "whole cloth" philosophy. LOOK IT UP if you don't know what I am talking about.

I think "libertarianism" is GREAT for social issues. I shouldn't be able to tell another person what they should do with their body. Nor, should they be able to tell me what to do with mine.

Our government should employ a small amount of "fascism" when it comes to our energy supply. What I am saying is... Nuclear power is going to kill people. It simply is going to kill people. I believe it can be avoided. It's a GREAT source of power... but it comes at such a price. It's not worth it. Especially when we have other means to supplant it. So if we LOSE money in the short term on solar... so be it. But don't tell me that it "can't be done." Because, I KNOW it can be done! Wind/Solar on a MASSIVE scale.

I saw a documentary called, "Garbage Warrior"... and it reaffirmed my belief system. Check it out.

The key to all of this is "BALANCE". The good book says, "All things is moderation". Same thing. Yin-Yang/Karma/Balance/Moderation... same thing.

How does one KNOW when one is in balance? Through learning... that's how. How does one learn? By making mistakes and asking questions.

It bothers me to NO END when folks who SHOULD KNOW BETTER... are asking for an end to asking questions. Look NO FURTHER than THIS very message board from folks that call themselves... "liberal".

CENSOR THE INTERNET. S.O.P.A.! No one liked that, did they? Why not? Because it threatened to stop the flow of information.

If YOU are trying to stop the flow of information... SHAME ON YOU! How dare you!?! Who do you think you are!?!

So if "the shoe fits"... STOP! Don't do that stuff anymore.

Join ME and others like me that want to know a pure truth. Don't be a part of the human machine. Question your role in the human machine! Don't tear people down who bring you information. Thank them.

Correct a wise man and he will thank you. Correct a fool and he will become angry.

Do you want to be a wise man? I do.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

I went to the website and found all of videos from this 2012 Fiscal Summit for anyone who feels like listening to NeoCon war tactics.

OMG, on the Clinton interview with Tom Brokaw in the first video—it looks like they drugged and tortured him to go there & respond to facsist questions.

2012 FISCAL SUMMIT: Opening Video

2012 FISCAL SUMMIT: Voices for Fiscal Action Video

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Nov. 3, 2011 7:45 pm

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