Rush Limbough reveals his white hood and cap this AM

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Get yourself a copy of Rush Limbough's show this morning 5/7/12/// 9:15am Pacific time....

All morning he ranted about how blacks and the latino voters got Obama elected . Just listen to it and you tell me whether he has a whitehood and cape in his closet

..After that big episode with the that woman, and he's back at it.. In fact, he was ridiculing that the next day.

This guy needs to be silenced!


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Twitter: #stoprush #gopfail

Twitter: #stoprush #gopfail #disgusting

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I don't listen to

I don't listen to unadulterated hate from anyone, and he's on top of the list!  My experience: I've lost friends who stopped thinking for themselves after their knee-jerk towards "Rush" or "Savage" and "Faux News" for their information!  Stopping that kind of hate would help some of these people become human again!  I miss reasonable conversation with my "old friends", but not so much I'd try again!  I honor the First Amendment, too bad our militarized, fear based system doesn't.

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cointelpro-the-fbis-war-on-black-america was before rush. It also covers the 90,000 black voters denied their vote in 2000, supported by clarence thomas in a black robe instead of white. If DC had proper representation it could have been corrected. Tom Daschle had all the senators agree to not contest the election. So all the black represetatives that did contest were left hanging [and I know the irony of the term]. It took only one senator, because an inquiry requires a representative and a senator from the  same state to contest. If DC had senators Gore would have been elected, no 911, no wars, no tax breaks, no debt bomb, no John Edwards trial, no Roberts and Alito.