Same-sex marriage endorsed by two top officials in the Obama Administration

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Two top officials within the Obama Administration threw their support behind same-sex marriage over the weekend.  First on Sunday – Vice President Joe Biden said he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex couples receiving the same rights and benefits as traditional married couples.  That makes Vice President Biden the highest ranking American official to ever back same-sex marriage. 

And then this morning – Education Secretary Arne Duncan also endorsed same-sex marriage.  In Congress – Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has called for marriage equality to be added to the Democratic Party’s platform, but President Obama says his views on the issue are “still evolving.” 

Whether the President jumps on board or not – it’s pretty clear that the momentum for equal rights for all Americans – regardless of their sexual orientation – is getting stronger. 


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I think it has been pretty

I think it has been pretty clear for some time now that the President supports gay marriage, he has just lacked the political courage to actually say so.

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Obama, the coward, is waiting

Obama, the coward, is waiting till after the election when, as he indicated to Medvedev, he'll have more "flexibility". Even though I disagree with him Arne Duncan at least had the "stones" to be unequivocal about his beliefs.

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Chuck Todd had Gov. Bev

Chuck Todd had Gov. Bev Perdue on this morning. She spoke against the ballot issue in North Carolina, the vote being held today, with no counter-point view. One more example of the main stream medias bias for the gay agenda but more to the point when Todd asked her directly if she supported gay marriage she fumbled around more than the press secretary did yesterday. She finally spewed out some ambiguity and left. 

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Black Americans, one of

Black Americans, one of President Obama's key constituencies, voted overwhelmingly to define marriage to mean the union of one man and one woman in North Carolina.

miksilvr has a petition has a petition asking to move the Democratic National Convention out of Charlotte, NC, because of the vote on the constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.

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Well the pres just fully

Well the pres just fully "evolved" but apparently believes it's a state issue. If he wins re-election you can bet that will "evolve" also.

I just received the following

I just received the following email from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York : 

President Obama's Interview‏ 


Kirsten Gillibrand (



Wed 5/09/12 3:22 PM



In an interview with Robin Roberts this afternoon, President Obama publicly announced his support for marriage equality.

This is a historic moment in our fight for marriage equality. We’re getting closer.

It was not long ago that we passed marriage equality right here in New York. Now, with President Obama on our side, we can take this fight all across the country.

We know that President Obama is going to come under attack from some members of the far right. That’s why I hope you’ll join me right now in telling President Obama that we stand with him.

Click here to join me in telling President Obama that we stand with him in support of marriage equality.

Polls show that the public is on our side. President Obama is too. But you can be sure there are some who will attack him for taking this stance.

We must keep up the fight. Marriage equality depends on it.





More on President Obama's

More on President Obama's endorsement :