Seattle Black Bloc

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One of our local news stations caught a black bloc member changing.  You can clearly see his face at the 2:14 mark.  It would be interesting to find out what his political views are.  Unfortunately, the news focused on the black bloc and not the message.  The black bloc turns off the people we are trying to reach and prevents the sympathizers from becoming active.  I personally know people who do not participate because of actions like this.


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Political views are

Political views are probably:  "I was paid by some guy to come do this."   IOW, these are most likely hired thugs for the purpose of discrediting OWS.  They are most likely hired by our corporate crime syndicates.  Don't judge OWS by these people.  If you do you are falling for a trap.


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Today's follow up coverage

Today's follow up coverage was not good.  Somebody broke the windows of the mayors house later that night.