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THOM.....WE WANT YOU BACK IN LOS ANGELES 1150 am RADIO where you were and still belong!!

Please keep us posted on your progress towards broadcasting again in Los Angeles!!

Maybe you can switch times with Randi Rhodes (who we want to keep on the air) so that you are not on at the same time as her like you currently are!

If you live in the LA area please write to KTLA and ask them to bring Thom back but we don't want to loose Randi either so mention that in your message! and Randi are the very best the radio has to offer and WE WANT YOU BACK IN LOS ANGELES!!!



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H E L L O ...... is anybody

H E L L O ...... is anybody else out there who agrees? We need Thom back in Los Angeles!

Just saw something you might

Just saw something you might be interested in on Thom's home page about LA ... 

Thom Hartmann - News & info from the #1 progressive radio show



Thom Hartmann on KPFK

KPFK 90.7 FM



not sure if this is a one time thing, or the beginning of the return.  this appears to be only one hour on delay, not all three (or is this the night time show ?)

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KYNS 1340 "Progressive

KYNS 1340 "Progressive Radio"  in SLO has been replaced with (SLO Radio News) a right wing disinformation show. 1340 was the last "progressive" station in the area. After listening to hate radio throughout the day today, I have a better understanding how so many people come up with the ideas that they do. I usually listen on SIRIUS but my satellite radio was taken from my main vehicle the other day... which doesn't make sense since I'm the only one who can use it...