When will there be a Memorial Day for 1% who start wars?? What about a Memorial Day for war profitteers??

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When the natives get restless,start a war.If we honor the dead in useless wars,why not expose the people/reasons for their death? We should be able to put a memorial at the doorstep of "who started and profit" from any war.Doing that, maybe some can "R.I.P. and L.I.P".(live in peace) Restless natives let the 1% honor Memorail Day,they have earn it. Imagine a whole country being destroy because of "one man"?? Only the the 1% can be crazy enough to do that,they have no morality!    


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We only got this one due to a

We only got this one due to a misunderstanding.

They thought they were voting for "Me more y'all" Day.

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You don't thing we had a

You don't thing we had a responsibility to take out the two vicious dictators we installed? Where's your sense of globaljustice?

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College,that`s the

College,that`s the "problem",the 1% sense of justice.There sense of justice is striaght from "Hell"! Just like Roger take on 1% memorial day,it`s ass backwards.