Why are so many rich people liberal and hypocrits

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Quote Bush_Wacker:

How can you assume that they don't give to charity because of what's in their hearts?

The point is what have they done to indicate that they even want to give more to government, Bush_Wacker. And, the point is that giving to charity caters more to that 'elite accolades' prospect (over the 'any man' character) that Art claimed to not understand. Are they doing it 'out of their heart'--or 'more for show' in line with their 'elite status'?

You are saying that they are only giving to charity in order to reduce their tax burden.

Giving to charity legally reduces their tax burden. So, again, why are they claiming they want to be taxed more?

If 2 millionaires pay 100% tax on their income and 10,000 millionaires pay 15% tax on their income then the 2 millionaires don't accomplish much of anything. They want 10,002 millionaires to pay 30% tax on their income then they can accomplish several things.

Well, that's the point. If they actually don't want to pay the taxes they could pay now, how do you know that they mean anything they say about 'wanting' to pay more taxes at all?

There was a time when many of the super wealthy felt a sense of shame in accumulating so much wealth while others around them were scrounging garbage cans for food.

Well, apparently that's not this time--not even with the 'liberal rich'. That was my point--it takes a certain, and, perhaps, extraordinary, quality of greed to gain so much more wealth than those around you--whether you claim to be 'conservative' or 'liberal'.....

I could be totally wrong here but I believe that there are still a few people around with that same sense.

To give 'for the benefit of mankind'--or to 'enhance their own elite status and praise to, and for, themselves' ('elite accolades' character or 'any man' character?)? While I (nor anyone) can actually get into 'the heart' of another (that's why I must eventually resort to an 'integrity binder' to have a rational basis for any of this), I do think that when it comes to these 'liberal rich' claiming that they want to 'pay more taxes', their actions speak louder than their words--and their actions indicate that that is not what they are doing....they could do it anytime they want without being forced to do it--and, when already required by law to pay a certain amount, they use the loopholes offered to them to avoid that--just like the 'conservative rich'.....thus, again, their claim on 'wanting to pay more taxes' appears disingenuous and hypocritical when comparing what they say to what they do.....

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

"Power concedes nothing without a demand.
It never did and it never will."
- Frederick Douglass

The sin of being poor. X dung czar Walter's founded Philanthropy Roundtable. A place where corporations could send tax write off donations and in turn Walter's would donate to various propaganda groups like PDFA and Calvina's Prohibition Inc. Feeding the reefer madness with taxes. Legal Money Laundering and of coarse he got his salary I'm sure. Corporations escaping their responsibility to fix the roads many ways, this is only one. Caymans like Mittney or in bogus legislation like the trickle down crap.

Foxnazi's always spewing about how much tax is paid by the rich and never in percentages of what they actually made in profit. Yes a million in tax seems like a lot unless your profit was in the billions that we never hear them spout. Percentage wise they are paying a lot less than most workers. But when it comes to we the people, forgetaboutit. 30% of a patients home health care expense is federal and state taxes, a disease tax and not a peep out of the tax cheats. No teabogins crying over where the tax goes if its a multinational corporation getting it. Or the prisons and poisons and military interventionists. Same BS over their concern for the children and then ship their factories overseas with child labor sweatshops. The GOP doesn't even shudder when you refer to them as Nazi's. Almost a pride swells up like you're patting them on the back. Ego's provide the motive along with the tax dodging. Private sector does better crap.

While the churches trade a bowl of soup for a biblical poem recital, always pushing the sin angle. Lowering self esteem of those seeking assistance, getting reprimanded or degraded. The price they pay for charity is disgusting. Just to have some vulture drive the stake a little deeper forcing them to a pisstasting. Government assistance allows citizens dignity in times of little feelings of self worth silver spooned brats can not comprehend. Giving a hand up especially requires treating them with a little respect. Not brow beatings and judgments or just a way to dodge taxes. Tax income should be based on basic needs of the people with no need of Churches taking on the burden. Fraud is a separate matter and can't be profiled or automatically assumed by bigots. Giving the Church government responsibilities is reckless and proven reckless time and time again. Junior Boosh's Faith Based rehabs was tax paid torture on American citizens. It also gave tax breaks and huge profits to the Foster scam system. White Trash Christians with 10 foster kids at $1000 a month each ain't to shabby for an bible thumping illiterate redneck in a trailer park. Lots of business treating the poor.

GOP Fuzzy Math.
Government provides services @ X dollars in tax money spent.
Private sector provides services @ X dollars + profit.
= less services for the same tax spent. On the poor, roads or mail...
Corporate Welfare Rats
Strong corporate profits amid weak economy? = Tinkledown Outsourcing

Philanthropy Roundtable
John P. Walters President
The Philanthropy Roundtable is a national association of individual donors, corporate giving representatives, foundation staff and trustees, and trust and estate officers. The Roundtable is founded on the principle that voluntary private action offers the best means of addressing many of society's needs, and that a vibrant private sector is critical to creating the wealth that makes philanthropy possible.
Copyright 1997-2001 by the Philanthropy Roundtable

The difference between a policy and a crusade
is that a policy is judged by its results, while a crusade
is judged by how good it makes its crusaders feel.
-- Thomas Sowell

"What marijuana can do is help you enjoy life
through better health by providing relief for a
wide variety of ailments that very often afflict
people over fifty." -
Evan Keliher


"When even one American - who has done nothing wrong
- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth,
then all Americans are in peril." -- Harry S. Truman

What's in the future for boomers hitting the golden years?
Jail, eviction, forfeiture, homeless and hungry to appease the profiteer's war on Americans? Disgusting...

Ganjawar on the Poor
Dogs To Seek Drugs At Senior Housing March 26, 2001
States consider drug tests for welfare recipients Mar 26, 9
Drug Ruling Worries Some in Public Housing March 28, 2002
Supreme Court Backs Public Housing Drug Ban March 26, 2002
Supreme Court Approves Public Housing Drug Ban March 26, 2002
One Strike and Out, in Public Housing February 18, 2002
Housing Eviction Law To Be Considered September 25, 2001
Bush: Scrap Public Housing Drug Push March 11, 2001
Housing Authority Demand Tenants, Guests Drug Free December 30, 1999
Joint You Smoked Last Week May Haunt You
Dole Links License To Drug Test
Gov. Davis Pushes Smoke a Joint Lose Your License
Cannabis Can Combat Poverty, Pollution
Drugs War 'Must Target Poverty'
Moral Poverty and Body Counts
Poverty Biggest Obstacle To Medical Marijuana User
Food Stamps Become a Weapon in the War on Drugs
Cops Confiscation Maliciously Punishes
Many Veterans are the Enemy of the D.E.A.th War

The Supreme Court ruled today that public housing authorities around the country may evict tenants because members of their households, or guests, are using drugs, even if the evicted tenant was unaware of the drug use.

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am
Quote DdC:

While the churches trade a bowl of soup for a biblical poem recital, always pushing the sin angle. Lowering self esteem of those seeking assistance, getting reprimanded or degraded.

A perfect reason why the tenets of Original Sin should NOT be used in any political context--especially in a country whose laws supposedly are based on 'innocent until proven guilty'.

The practical expression of all freedom is 'freedom of choice'. Accordingly, without access to choice, there is no real freedom. While it is government's role to establish limits on what 'choices' are to be appropriate, those limits must be constantly and consistently guaged against the basis for its proposed 'freedoms' expressed politically as 'rights'--the right to life in concurrence with 'liberty and the pursuit of happiness' as the right to choose. There is an implicit requirement in line with such rights that do involve a responsibility of any actors on such rights to allow the same in others as they act on, themselves. This I believe is the fundamentals of a free society with a working democracy. But, you are absolutely correct--if their self-esteem can be subdued to the will of authoritarians, their ability to see and judge the oppression, and suppression, against themselves is compromised. And, restriction of self-esteem (of the 'little people') does seem to be the authoritarian's primary goal--resulting in its 'anti-freedom', 'anti-rights', and 'anti-democratic' control.

Quote DdC:

The Supreme Court ruled today that public housing authorities around the country may evict tenants because members of their households, or guests, are using drugs, even if the evicted tenant was unaware of the drug use.

Again, there is an implicit requirement in line with such rights that do involve a responsibility of any actors on such rights to allow the same in others as they act on, themselves. While in office, the former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, admitted to past drug use. He not only was not 'evicted' from his office--he was voted in for a second term. Perhaps the first line in getting rid of such draconian regulations is hold the feet to the fire of those who claim their authority to regulate in such a draconian fashion by making them rationally explain the 'exceptions to their own rule'....in that manner, their esteem won't have to be taken so much for granted....and everyone might better realize the nonsense of such authoritarian postures...but, of course, not unless the hard questions are asked....and such authoritarians be required to formulate a 'rational' (ie. 'comparative') answer....and I do think that we need to gain enough 'esteem' to get to that point if this is ever going to change....but, not if the tenets of Original Sin gain political prominence....

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Of course, if too many people start waking up and revolting against authoritarian subjection, I suspect that the 'terrorism' card will be played enough to enact martial law....but, some see that as too paranoid and unrealistic.....

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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