Wisconsin voters hit the polls today for the first battle in a historic recall election in the state

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Democrats will choose between one of four Democratic candidates – plus a Republican spoiler candidate running as a Democrat – to take on Governor Scott Walker in the June 5th recall elections.  Walker himself is facing a primary challenge as well. 

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the favorite among Democrats and is actually polling ahead of Scott Walker in recent polls.  But, Walker has raised $21 million so far – more than any other candidate for Wisconsin Governor in history – and has spent just as much on TV advertising in Wisconsin than all the Republican presidential candidates combined. 

However – all that money isn’t translating into gains at the polls.  Each month since January – Walker has seen his support go down.  Keep an eye on Wisconsin – if people power overcomes money power in this recall election – then it could be a perfect model for progressives nationwide heading into the general election.    


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Yeah let's hope they don't

Yeah let's hope they don't elect another globalist like they did in France.