Charlie Rose FREAK OUT!

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Fletcher Christian
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This is to good not to share with the class.

It's SO good!

Talk about, "FIGHT or FLIGHT"!!!  Who knew that a "rose" could fly!?!

Did you see the way he pushed that young girl in front of him to BLOCK like an NFL lineman and then hid behind another woman!?!

That's your "liberal" media!  Bilderberg and Koch Brothers financed!

Kids, there is NO liberal media.  What we have is "controlled opposition" in some very minor doses.

Watch it again!  It gets BETTER every time!


I just watched it again... BWWwwAHAHAHAHAHA!  O Dios Mio!  Good stuff.

I love free speech!


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You're welcome. It's time for

You're welcome.

It's time for someone else to put up some cool stuff here.

I can't do it by myself!

In the meantime... you're welcome.

"I'm just like Space Mountain, baby!  I may be the oldest ride in the park... but I've got the longest line!  WOOOooooo!!!"

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OK... I just typed

OK... I just typed "basldkfaslkjfaslfas;lkjasdaowieurqoweirlkdsjfalsjkf" so that it could be flung up to the top of the list!

It's kinda jerky.

Not as jerky as wanting to ban or censor people... but it is a little naughty.

It's CHARLIE ROSE freaking out!  Viacom just paid this intellectual RUNT a ton of money to host a morning show with Oprah's les... with Oprah's best friend.

He hides behind not 1... but 2 women!

He LIES to you on a DAILY BASIS!


That doesn't make "anyone" angry?

So I take your, "SILENCE" as a testament of how much you LIKE being lied to on a daily basis.

Then I am sorry to disappoint.

I am not a liar.