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Chevron is refusing to pay reparations to Ecuadorians, arguing, absurdly, that it has no liability for the action of the company it bought (Texaco) and which polluted and damaged the Ecuadorian environment. You'll remember that Exxon refused to pay for the Valdez incident, and not paying has become the norm according to ThinkProgress' Brad Johnson (climate editor). The U.S. judge who ruled that Chevron need not pay cited a threat to the global economy as the reason. This rationale fits nicely with the mindset behind the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement; nothing which the corporatocracy/global elite does to create and exploit crises makes them culpable, while any culpability for their actions is a "threat to the economy."

Meanwhile, BP has come to an agreement with a Russian company to explore oil drilling in the Arctic. As the first article I mentioned notes, BP has already absorbed its losses from the oil spil in the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron could pay most of the reparations ordered by the Ecuadoran courts with one quarter's profits.

Chevron wanted the case tried in Ecuadoran courts, until it became clear that they could not have their way with the Correa government the way they had with previous governments. While more "balanced" accounts argue that Ecuadoran firms share complicity with the devastation, Texaco operated in Ecuador throught the CIA's "Operation Condor" years and this libertarian site argues that Correa himself had to make drastic changes to his cabinet in order to safeguard himself from assassination by CIA agents/collaborators.


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That makes me sick! We are

That makes me sick! We are destroying the environment at an ALARMING rate. That article might have been old but I'm sure the damage is still there. I watched the video attached and here is the link for others.

Just what the heck can we do? I am so upset by all of this!

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This is from the Occupy San

This is from the Occupy San Francisco website which staged a protest about a week ago here in San Francisco at the Chevron offices:

"Call Chevron CEO John Watson – 925-842-3232 – and express your concern about Chevron’s toxic legacy in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where thousands of people are suffering from skin disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Ask the employee you speak to to urge Watson to do the right thing and clean up his company’s mess. (Speak respectfully so whoever answers/picks up the message will engage in the most useful dialog possible)."

I poked around the Occupy LA website a little bit but all I could find out was that they too recently held a Chevron-oriented event but I wasn't able to identify the committee or contact info. for the people that organized it.

Although this is probably the domain of lawyers, etc., I'm sure that raising public awareness is important.

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Public awareness is

Public awareness is important. That's also why I keep posting information on this board. I hope that it will wake people up so they too start taking action. We are killing our earth at an alarming rate. It will soon be so toxic that NOTHING will be able to live on it. MAYBE that's why NASA and others seem to have this big push for commercial space travel. They're planning on leaving after they tank our planet.  :-0

Thank you for the above information.

Natural Lefty
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Here is another case of

Here is another case of internalizing the profits while externalizing the costs.

Did you see that there is a progressive push to value natural resources so that corporations which use them will have to pay? This is a really good development, but the current situation with companies being able to get away with so much damage is pretty sick.

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MrsBJLee wrote: That makes me

MrsBJLee wrote:

That makes me sick! We are destroying the environment at an ALARMING rate. 

I was listening to Chris Hedges last night and he was talking about how the corporations are destroying the planet and he said that he couldn't understand it either.  He said, "Do they think they're going to leave?"  

You know that's the way they act as if they were some how going to leave this mess they've created, or buy their way out of it.  

It makes you realize how utterly obsessed they are with making a profit and are unaware of anything else but MONEY.  What a sad state of affairs that the psychopaths are taking over.

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Well we just can't give up

Well we just can't give up and have to dedicate MORE of our time to fighting the good fight. I realized awhile back that I had to get more involved on the internet signing petitions, speaking locally at City Council and Coastal Commission meetings for environmental issues here where I live,  I support 15 environmental groups with donations and I even buy the "Save Endangered Species" postage stamps. By the way, they might not be selling them much is what I just got in my email so I hope you will sign the petition and purchase those stamps at your local post office.

When the beautiful new tiger stamp went on sale last September it immediately flew off the shelves. Roughly ten months later, more than 11 million tiger stamps have been sold, with the proceeds supporting programs to save tigers, elephants, apes, and other vanishing species.

Shockingly, this incredibly popular and simple mechanism to help save wildlife will be the one to vanish if Congress fails to renew it by the end of this year.

The stamp bill was just introduced in Congress – if we don't act quickly to get it passed now, it's going to get lost in the shuffle of a busy and contentious election season.

That's why we need you to email your representative today and ask them to keep the tiger stamp alive!

The popularity of the Save Vanishing Species postage stamp, which costs 55 cents, or 10 cents more than a regular First Class Mail stamp, is a testament to the American people's commitment to international wildlife.

Without any additional burden to taxpayers, the stamp is raising much needed funds for critical conservation programs. Tigers, elephants, great apes, rhinoceroses, sea turtles – they all stand to lose big if Congress fails to renew the stamp.

In our current political climate nothing comes easy, but renewing the stamp is a win-win situation for conservation lovers, the American taxpayer, and especially our endangered species.

Help us make the case to save the tiger stamp and secure this simple source of international conservation funding for four more years.

Thank you once again for all your help. I can't tell you how invaluable it is to my work to know that when I need someone to stand up for wildlife, you'll be there.


John F. Calvelli
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs
Wildlife Conservation Society

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I checked it out and it looks

I checked it out and it looks like that campaign has already met with success. That's a good issue to bring up, though. Wildlife protection is an example of a good variety of internationalism. People come from all over the world to visit the Grand Canyon, Redwoods and Sequoias, hike the Appalachian trail, etc.

Natural Lefty, I've heard some things about what you're talking about but I wonder more specifically what you are referring to? My concern is that once you start adding a dollar value to these things those with the most money eventually find a way to manipulate the system to their advantage.