Franklin Roosevelt's RFC: A Lesson For Today

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No, it wasn't WWII that pulled us out of the depression, which started in the 20's. This is a very nice piece that was brought to my attention, called "Franklin Roosevelt's RFC: A Lesson for Today" (Video about 20 minutes).

And, no, FDR was not a communist, taking over the United States for Stalin. He repaired the hideous damage done by the speculators to the conditions of life in our country (as they're again doing today), and once the banks were up and running again, turning profits by loaning for productive purposes, they were re-privatized, having been partially purchased by the Federal Government to get the real banks through the crisis.

And it was because FDR used the sovereign credit of the United States to fund infrastructure as well as other projects and needs (like paying Chicago's teachers who hadn't been paid in nine months), that we had the industrial base again to defend the world from the Nazis.


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Karolina,a very good idea,but

Karolina,a very good idea,but who will make RFC a reality? Who have the courage to make the best government money can buy,create a RFC ?  

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Who will do anything in the

Who will do anything in the future? Why ask this question? I don't believe that it is fate that creates the future. I believe that the free will of human beings creates the future.

This video explains what FDR did to rid the US of the fascist movement that had overtaken it in the 1920's—just as it has overtaken our country now. The video is meant to make clear the situation then and now, and how that broken system was understood and fixed by FDR, after former President Hoover had no understanding of what needed to be done. 

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The same people did the same

The same people did the same deed they did on Roosevelt, beginning with putting Clinton's balls in a vice after he was stung by a hooker.

See Tommy the Cork, Stuart Hedden, Prescott Bush, Guatemala, Air America, and the 1951 CIA plan to redefine fascism as Conservative Thought.


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Roosevelt was pretty much a

Roosevelt was pretty much a fascist, too.  It is possible that Roosevelt and his supposed opposition were bad.

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He was fooled at first by

He was fooled at first by Tommy the Cork, and man, was he pissed when he realized, "My God, what have I done?"

Because he had proof that a plot had been hatched to actually depose him, he had Washington by its balls, and proceeded to allow an entire generation of Americans to rise over their masters, the wealthy families that had ruled them like Pharaohs.

and the Pharaohs walked toward the sea
which parted, incidentally
and thinking it was safe to pass
they lifted Romney by the ass
and walked like gods between the floods
with gold and diamonds in their mouths
to hide them from each other's eyes
right here
where now calm waters rise

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Karolina,we learn from the

Karolina,we learn from the past to have a better present and future.The question is about the present, Obama is a "organizer",we need a "leader" or vision that can lead.Who will lead the homeless or jobless?? A leader don`t wait till they have enough votes,they start solving the problem with what they have.A true leader would start a "RFC" with whatever they have! Free will is nothing, if it not being use, We want a better present/future we better start using what we "have"!