If the Supreme Court can pass bad laws,why aren`t we using "reverse logic" with these bad laws? The "OWS/99% Corporation"!

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If corporations is human,our protests should be people breaking the law as "corporations"! OWS/99% should incorporate themselfs and then start "occupying"!! If the crazies on the Supreme Court stop national health care,all protesters should go to hospital emergency rooms as corporations. If the 1% can play these stupid games,why not reverse it on them???  


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Sorry man, didn't realize

Sorry man, didn't realize you'd started a thread on pretty much the same topic I did. Your title wasn't descriptive enough so I didn't read the post until now..

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Pier,no problem,you`re right

Pier,no problem,you`re right about my thread.I like yours better,i have responded to it. It`s good to see we`re on the same page,let's hope more get onbroad.We need more effective protests,we can name homeless camps after these 1% politicians and  incorp. the protesters,we can be more effective and be more motivated. Maybe some threads can be done better by others,i think all should feel free to "upgrade" issues without hurting ego's. We all want a better world,right?