Obama Should Be Running on/against the Citizens United Decision; Frame it as BULLYING

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Obama has got to make "money in politics" THE ISSUE in this campaign and cast Romney's BULLY candidacy (of by and for the 1%) as EXACTLY what has gone wrong with our system for the last 30 years.   He must drive home the point that money in politics leads to BULLIES taking power and ruling on behalf of the 1%.   He needs to publicly go after Romney for the money he's rasing from shady ultra-billionaires to essentially conduct a leveraged buyout of the US Presidency.

The Republican party particularly -- facing hopeless demographic challenges in the years to come -- has, now more than ever, become nothing more than the BULLY party henchmen of the 1%.  The GOP is desperately struggling to survive in world where 60% have awakened to the conservative economic con game and just aren't buying it.  On social issues, the GOP's regressive attitudes are only making things worse.  The Citizen's United  decision couldn't have come sooner, as allows the GOP to hang on for a bit longer than they really should given their limited popular support.  They know this election is likely their one and only last chance to grab the power and keep it, so they intend to BULLY their way in with TONS OF CASH.

Their tactic is easy to gleen since it's been in practice for decades, but it needs to be pointed out because, put very simply, WE ARE DEALING WITH BULLIES, and with the Citizens United Decision, the BULLIES are now on steriods.

Look at the pattern, this aint rocket science.

They BULLIED Bill Clinton with countless bogus investigations, a government shutdown, and eventually with the farce that was the impeachment.

They BULLIED their way into stopping the vote counting in Florida in 2000 -- by sending in people to bang on windows -- and are still BULLYING people off the rolls there with the help of Gov. Rick Scott.

They BULLIED Democrats after 9/11 about their supposed lack of patriotism.

They BULLIED their way into a needless war in Iraq.

They BULLIED Kerry about his war record in 2004.

They BULLIED Dan Rather for reporting on Bush going AWOL

They BULLIED Wilson by outing his wife as a CIA Agent

They BULLY every eligible voter who might vote Democratic

They BULLY imigrants with "papers-please" laws.

They BULLY women who want reproductive freedom or fair pay.

They BULLY women seeking an abortion with vaginal ultra-sound mandates.

They BULLY gays with gay-marriage bans

They BULLIED the poor by making their unemployment benefits contingent on extending the Bush Tax Cuts.

This list could go on and on and on...Feel free to add to it.  (i will paste it in and give credit)

They are working day and night to keep a form of BULLY capitalism in place, where the largest and most profitable entities write the laws to suit their bottom line.  Citizens United was little more than a permission slip for the largest corporations to BULLY candidates who don't do their bidding with massive expenditures in attack ads against them.

They are running a presidential candidate who grew up BULLYING effeminate kids and then went on to make tons of money via BULLY-buyouts that BULLY vulnerable workers with families into taking unfair concessions and accept the loss of their promised pension.  Indeed, Romney has used all that stolen lunch money to BULLY his way into the nomination by BULLYING his opponents by carpeting bombing them with negative ads

Romney sends hecklers to BULLY Obama at speeches and is perfectly fine aligning himself with Trump who want to BULLY Obama about his birth certificate and generally sound the dog whistle of the racist BULLIES.  And he is preparing to BULLY his way into the presidency by carpet bombing this nation with ads that boldly lie and misrepresent Obama's record.  And he just laughs about it with his fake, mirthless laugh!

It's time we call this tactic what it is.  Enough is Enough.



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The Dems need some to use

The Dems need some to use jujutsu against Big Money... to inoculate the public against the flood of ads to come by educating people to ask WHO is funding them and WHY, as opposed to debating whatever nonsense they spew. Get the Public ANGRY about these naked attempts to buy the election.

But time IS running out.

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He won't because he needs it

He won't because he needs it to hit his billion dollar goal.

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Obama's billion will still be

Obama's billion will still be easily dwarfed by the expenditures of the BULLY-capitalists who want Romney.  After all, a zero with no soul is much more easily BULLIED, right?


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Even though Bain is giving to

Even though Bain is giving to Obama 

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The Eric Holder thing is just

The Eric Holder thing is just another example.  Repubicans in the house are BULLYING the Attorney General with a bogus scandal about a program started under the Bush Admin. and an even more bogus contempt of congress citation.  All based on a consipiracy theory cooked up by the same guy who callled for conservatives nationwide to BULLY Democratic officials by smashing in their windows with stones after  healthcare reform passed.

We are watching the last extremely ugly ghasps of a completely degegenerate, BULLY party which will soon be rendered completely inert -- thank all that is good -- by sheer demographics within the next 10-15 years.  We are thus living during the last, jerky throes of an insane insurgency signifying nothing, and full with untethered and aburd levels of id, regression, and blind hate.   A sorry sight, indeed, this pitiful so-called "right wing."


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Fast and furious was started

Fast and furious was started in 2009 and separate from wide reciver. Also if Obama really believed that was pushed fault why hide behind executive privilege andwithhold documents.

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sorry wont be bullied by

sorry wont be bullied by bull-sh#$  And thank GOD neither will Obama nor Holder!  The Fake Tea Party House has officially jumped the sanity shark with this one.  

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You men you won't bebothered

You men you won't bebothered by facts

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CC you are advocating for

CC you are advocating for complete A-HOLES who don't care about this country AT ALL.  

Your side has completely degenerated from a Grand ol Party of Real Conservatives  into a HORRENDOUS conglomerate of absolute suck ups to pig industrialists (like Romney), overt racists (like Rush), birthers (like the Donald), and toothless hick-conspiracy theorist nutbags (like Ron Paul).  You guys are all different but you ALL belong in a very secure insane asylum.  That much is clear.  I truly hope to God you personally break away and get help before you end up losing your mind completely.  I could happen.  It happened to Reagan, your hero.  I'm serious.  I suspect you have a decent head on your shoulders.  Don't waste your time defending douchbags.  Demographics alone are going to devour that kooky delusional party of yours in about 10-15 years anyway.  The rest will be institutionalized, mark my words. Don't be one of them.

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Am I jUst supposed to be in

Am I jUst supposed to be in awe that u mention regan

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Is One Billion dollars the

Is One Billion dollars the projected figure? Boy Citizens United is really wrecking havoc on the electoral system, heh? Imagine how many scholarship programs One Billion dollars could create.


I wonder if Citizen's United is solely responsible for these vast expenditures, though? Maybe there is an additional phenomenon that is being overlooked.

But think of the economic

But think of the economic stimulus.  It should filter through the media better than it does through the banksters or the oil companies, so is this Obama's "secret strategy?"  He seems to get tagged with conspiracies that begin before he comes on the scene, so why not the idea that tv ads pay people doing honest work within the frame of knowledge. Good editing on a lying piece of FAUX Swiftboating is still professional.  And those people have homes and kids.  They will spend what they earn.  How clever of Obama to fix the economy by using CU!

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Was gratified to hear Thom's

Was gratified to hear Thom's 6/21 show.  Lots of great fighting BULLY talk from the callers. We need to face and get the message to Obama to speak about the fact that we are dealing with BULLIES --economic, religious, ideological BULLIES, folks.  We need to stand up  to them knowing that they are posing cowards.  They will wilt when we do.  

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I'm fine with no campaign

I'm fine with no campaign contobutions at all but if u take away corporation funding union funding goes to 

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yeah those tyrannical unions!

yeah those tyrannical unions! huge problem that needs fixing.