The Republican descent into the “Fast and Furious” Twilight Zone continues

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As early as today – Republican Darrly Issa’s House Oversight Committee will vote on a measure to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for not turning over DOJ documents related to the “Fast and Furious” program.  It was a program started by the Bush Administration, and centered on selling guns in Mexico and then tracking those guns up to high-level drug cartels.  The program was abandoned after an American border patrol agent was killed in a shoot-out with suspected undocumented immigrants that were using “Fast and Furious” guns.

Despite testifying eight times in front of Congress and handing over thousands of documents, Attorney General Holder was unable to satisfy Congressman Issa’s witch-hunt.  And this morning – The White House asserted executive privilege over the remaining documents that Issa is demanding – a move that President George W. Bush employed six times, and President Clinton used 14 times.

So much for trying to put Americans back to work, Republicans are more interested in embarrassing the White House – but really, they’re only embarrassing themselves. 


This would make for great

This would make for great political comedy, but so does most of the stuff the Right does in "reality."  Bush's sting is called off by Obama and Holder, and D. the Viper, Assa gets to put on another farce.  I have no love for the Wall St. friend AG and would love to see someone ready to bring accountability to the bar of justice.  But this is insane.

Do they not remember the Latino de Casa, Alberto Gonzalez, and how he played out the loyal servant with  feudal fervor?  What is it about the Right and impeachment?  

And how about Cheney and providing documents or testimony to Congress?  

Once again, the purported 'conspiracy' is an incredible concept.  Even had Obama and Holder invented Fast and Furious to get a gun control opportunity, why would this give it to them?  Big violence tends to work toward fear inspired gun ownership.  But, why would two black guys think that making a move on gun control was culturally smart?  Obama has been silent on guns for good reason.  Or "bad" reason if you are scoring the pathology of White fear.

I hope that the claque who finds this impeachment ritual exciting act out to offend the much greater majority who think Congress might be working on something that mattered instead.  They are going a long way toward helping Obama pin the economy back on their butts as they block all his programs and proposals.  

If all they had wanted was a new AG, they could have made an alliance with the Progressives who want somebody who is not in thrall to Wall St.

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Now, the Fast & Furious

Now, the Fast & Furious movies, are those based on Rep. Darryl Issa's car jacking career?

You mean VIPER I and II?  Or

You mean VIPER I and II?  Or was that Jackass?  Dumb and Dumber?  

Thank God for hubris and the lust power has for it.  Just like the Goldman Sackers, guys like ASSA do not see how others see them.  He thinks he is being cool and powerful.  Amazing.

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Let me pose a simple question

Let me pose a simple question if it is all bushes fault why would Obama and holder hidebehind executiveprivilege and not show us?

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Quote:Darrell Issa Voted

Darrell Issa Voted "YES" to Fund "Project Gunrunner" in June 2008. HR 6028, Section SEC. 402. REDUCTION OF SOUTHBOUND FLOW OF ILLEGAL WEAPONS.
(1) IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General shall dedicate and expand the resources provided for the Project Gunrunner initiative (hereafter in this subsection referred to as the ‘‘initiative’’) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to identify, investigate, and prosecute individuals involved in the trafficking of firearms across the United States-Mexico border."
He just didn't support gunwalking, gunrunners ok, gunwalkers bad.

They keep saying an American was killed by one of these. I thought guns didn't kill. And if ours hadn't been sold he would be alive seems to imply that gun control saves lives.

nra is promoting the conspiracy that this whole gunwalking was a plan to repeal 2nd amendment, and they have sworn to score any member that votes against contempt with an F. The same grade the Brady foundation [pro guncontrol] scored Obama for his gun control actions. Boehner had advised against pursuing this action, but with the nra flexing we see who controls the party.

One other thing, note how many republicans use guns in their ads. All of them so far. Joe the plummer is using guns and 1939 Nazi guncontrol against the longest serving women in the house. Really strange ad, he just keeps targeting vegetables with a rifle, cites the 6 million dead, and 7 million dead, then he says 'I love America'. So this 2nd amendment threat must be their main election year strategy, kind of like witches, commies, gays, and satan, oh yeah and birthcontrol.

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  If the AG is not at fault

  If the AG is not at fault why are they hiding behind EP?  It has been purposed that this is not a sly attack on the 2nd amendment. Ok, if that is not true what was the purpose of fast and furious? And who in their right mind would be Ok with getting guns in the hands of criminals?

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Quote:And who in their right

And who in their right mind would be Ok with getting guns in the hands of criminals?
Bush, Gonzalas, the gun shop that sold them, and NRA because guns are not dangerous.

I have been following this

I have been following this story since last fall because the purpose for selling guns to the Zeta drug cartel is unclear. Under Bush, guns were sold and tracked with the knowledge and support of the Mexican government. Under Obama, the guns were being sold with minimal tracking and without the knowledge of the Mexican government. I guess Holder could have misled Congress because it was an ill-conceived and botched operation. Gun shop owners were told to let the guns walk when they reported their suspicions. I always go back to the purpose of an operation. Why would this seem like a good idea? Did we want the Zeta cartel to take over? Did we want drug traffickers to kill each other? Are we just that stupid? Our government has said the guns used by the drug cartels were purchased in the U.S. They were right-the U.S. Government helped. It is not a stretch to believe it was done to restrict gun ownership in our country if we assume that the federal government has officials who are intelligent and purposeful. This would still be going on if a border agent had not been killed. So my question: Why would you sell guns to a drug cartel and not track them?

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The Mexicans were informed,

The Mexicans were informed, they were supposed to pick up the marked transport at the designated point in Mexico. They lost them. Maybe the team suppose to pick up the relay wasn't in to it.

To launch a sting on a cartel  in order to go after gunowners is about  McCarthy level paranoia. Paranoia sticks, does mean votes, and votes against their own interest. 

Walker ran antigun paranoia against Berritt, and 46% union members bought it. They'll have their pansions stolen, their vacations cut in have, paycuts, holiday cuts, no rights to bargain, and the ads against Berritt were lies, but you can't take any chances. People are out with signs saying Obama is anti gun, when asked what exactly he has done their is no answer, fox says ant-gun, must be true.

Communists, Muslims, Guncontrol, Unions, who will be next to be afraid of, or who will fox start their witch hunt against next. One fox nutter  used to market survival shelters like bomb shelters, along with his gold scam.

If you say the Mexican

If you say the Mexican government knew-and that is contradicted by those testifying in front of the Congressional committee-and lost them, then why did the ATF continue? The only reason it stopped was because the border agent was killed and angry ATF agents reported the mess. I actually did not hear about this on Fox. I heard it originally on a local talk show while driving through the Midwest. This has nothing to do with Fox or Wisconsin. It has to do with the AG telling the truth to Congress. He has already had to backtrack on numerous statements. If you remember Watergate, it was not the crime; it was the cover-up and the purpose for the break-in. Again, why did we do it?

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CollegeConservative wrote:

Let me pose a simple question if it is all bushes fault why would Obama and holder hidebehind executiveprivilege and not show us?

Executive privilege extends beyond the current administration.  There are things from the Kennedy administration that are still "classified" and being lawfully hidden using executive privilege.  I don't think that anyone gives Obama's staff a pass.  They just want to make it clear that this wasn't some new program that Obama made up.  It's been going on for years and if you are going to throw blame around then make sure "everyone" shares in the flying poo.  Something that conservatives on this board only think is neccesary when involving Republicans.  It doesn't matter that Solyndra all started under the Bush admin. or that Fast and Furious did as well.  It doesn't matter that the Bush tax cuts started the ball rolling toward recession.  Now that Obama is in office it's all his own personal baggage.  Obama is responsible for the economy, the price of gas, the immigration problems, etc. 

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 He is also responsible for

 He is also responsible for Greece, and no cancer cure, I think the recent solar flares are his doing, too.

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My apologies for the double

My apologies for the double post. I did not see the this thread before I posted mine. Mods: please feel free to delete my previous thread.

I'm a strong conservative but I'm no partisan hack. But this post is not about me,it's about you. So which of the following questions do you want answered regarding fast and furious?

1) Who under the Bush administration launched the preceeding program and why? Just give us a name please.

2) Who under the Obama administration authorized fast & furious and why? Just give us a name please.

3) Why did the justice department lie to congress and deny the existance of this program?

Now the president is asserting executive privelige. Is it unreasonable to hold this administration to it's promise of transparancy? The answers to these questions should be easy and could bring whole sorry mess to an end. Why should we not have them?

Which questions do you want answered?