Republican war on women continues! Don't make me buy combat boots! ;-)

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MrsBJLee's picture the Republicans want a war with women? It appears that they want us to go back to the stone age....well they can forget that! Read the email I just got. I hope you will add your name in support of this Representive. Her message begins below....

Last week, I took the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives to speak out against a package of bills that would severely restrict a woman's right to choose. The next day I was informed that I was banned from speaking on the floor, alongside Rep. Barb Byrum.

By banning the two of us, House Speaker Jase Bolger silenced not just Barb and myself, but he silenced 180,000 constituents who we represent across the state.

Speaker Bolger wants us to go back to the days when women were shushed and told our opinions don't matter, but we refuse. 

Stand with me, Rep. Barb Byrum, the women of Michigan and DFA Members across the country to tell the House Republican leadership we will not be censored.

This is not the first time we've seen controversy from Republican leadership while addressing women's bodies. Last year, Florida Representative Scott Randolph said his wife should "incorporate her uterus" to keep Republicans from trying to control it. He was reprimanded by house leadership for his lack of decorum -- but he wasn't banned from speaking. You can bet that if I were male, my use of the word "vagina" wouldn't have resulted in being banned from speaking.

We cannot sit quietly by.

Join me in demanding that Speaker Bolger apologize for denying us our voice and disenfranchising 180,000 voters. Add your name now.

When the Michigan House returns for a single day in July, I will deliver your message -- along with that of tens of thousands of people across the country -- that we will not be silenced.

Sign the petition today to show you have our backs.

This is about more than choice -- this is about women's fundamental rights and the belief that women should be treated as equal participants in our democracy.

Thank you for standing with me.

- Lisa

Representative Lisa Brown 
Democrat, West Bloomfield, MI


Democracy for America relies on you and the people-power of more than one million members to fund the grassroots organizing and training that delivers progressive change on the issues that matter.


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Hi Mrs.BJ.  The links that

Hi Mrs.BJ.  The links that you offered are not connected to the page, apparently.

I have heard a quote from someone ( Edison? I don't remember! ) that societies where men subjugate women, because men feel subjugated by monarchs.  The only way for women to not be in constatnt danger, is to get rid of the imperial oligarchical rule and its fascist-promoting minions.

I am so proud of Lisa Brown and this fabulous reactionary presentation on the Michigan Statehouse steps.

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Sorry..I went back and copied

Sorry..I went back and copied a link and added it to the bottom of the original posting. Thanks for your response and quote. I will check out the presentation you posted a link to. Thanks!

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What does this have to do

What does this have to do with the topic?

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MrsBJLee wrote:What does this

MrsBJLee wrote:
What does this have to do with the topic?

Well, shoes are a very important political issue to the majority of American women........

Just kidding.

Women should think about a nationwide sex strike until after the election.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the history of humanity.  It began as a way for the females of prehistoric tribes to obtain a more equal share of the food from the males.  Of course, many times a prolonged sex strike among Australopithecenes would eventually lead to brutal rape, but in our modern society, there are punishments for forced sex (unless the Republicans win).  Prostitution doesn't necessarily mean sex in exchange for cash.  Sex can be exchanged for just about anything.

Like a particular vote.

It would be hilarious if all the women in America told their husbands and boyfriends that the men weren't going to get laid anymore unless the women's candidate wins.  Think about how important the election would be then.

Kiden wrote: The other

Kiden wrote:

The other problems is that this stores, when they happen to own large sizing Womens Shoes , then they may have similar to three or five sets. In improvement, the sets, will possibly be several dull looking, out involving fashion kind of shoes. They just tend not to put with much contemplated stocking shoes for large size or wide toes.

Paging SueN ... spill on aisle 4 ... ooops, I mean Spam on reply #4.

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Thanks for the laugh

Thanks for the laugh miksilvr!

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Glad you're just kidding.

Glad you're just kidding.

MrsBJLee wrote: Glad you're

MrsBJLee wrote:

Glad you're just kidding.

No kidding ... the link is for a website selling shoes, for a company from the UK.  I did not click on it, but Windows and Chrome show me the link address when I hover over it with the mouse.  SueN and / or the webmaster block Spam from the message board using some keywords or foreign languages in the reply that have been frequently used by spammers.  Somehow, this one snuck through.  I think the use of the word boots in your title may be what put your topic in the shoe store's spam program sights.

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Wow....what can I say? A SHOE

Wow....what can I say? A SHOE COMPANY FROM THE UK.....LOL

I didn't see any mention of army boots in their spam message.  LOL again!

We're going to have to get this thread back on topic again.


It's funny how sometimes you

It's funny how sometimes you read something that "rings a bell", and sometimes you just hear a "thud". Well, this was one of those times I heard a thud.

While reading your reply, JTaylor, I was reminded of a statement by a woman on the radio or TV a few months back of a strategy women should use to protest some injustice (that I've since forgotten ... sorry about that). Anyhow, what she suggested (maybe sarcastically) was that women should stop using birth control, stop working when they became pregnant, stop having abortions, and not return to work after having the baby, but not stop having sex.

In other words, no more sex for fun ... sex was going to be for procreation purposes only, and the man would be the sole bread winner ...kind of like it was in "the good 'ol days". Her point was that the men would quickly (I think she hoped) realize their dilemma, and cave in to whatever the demands the protest was developed for.

This statement was not from a woman who is conservative or anti-abortion, from what I remember.


While trying to identify the source of the quote via a search engine, I found this piece from The Blaze web site.  It describes one actual "sex strike" campaign, and comments on one proposed by a writer for the Huffington Post that is more in line with the last paragraph of JTaylor's reply:


and that item led me to the John Blumenthal piece in The Huffington Post it was written about :

Rise Up Ladies! If Your Man's A Republican, Stop Having Sex With Him 


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Mop employed, spill

Mop employed, spill eradicated. Exterminate! Exterminate! No shoes here!

Why would any political party

Why would any political party start a "war on women" when they make up half the voting population? 

I realize this starts with the abortion issue.  If I'm not mistaken the country is pretty close to evenly split on this issue... and that is evenly split among the sexes.

Personally, if you want an abortion... go for it... it's your right.  I just don't want to pay for it with my taxes.  My guns are a right too.  I don't expect you or the government to pay for them.  They are my responsibility.

I also don't want to pay for your or Sandra Fluke's birth control.  That's your expense.  This nation is in such financial distress (country and taxpaying citizens) that we should not have to pay for your own personal choices. They are your right... and your expense.

This is not a war on anyone.  It's called personal responsibility.



Many people have also asked

Many people have also asked why the republicans are waging their war on women; it does not really make any sense, but they are doing it.

And it goes far beyond abortion. I don't know where this "the country is pretty close to evenly split on this issue" of abortion comes from. Most of the republicans war on women has absolutely nothing to do with abortion or "personal responsibility".

Our federal government does not have a spending problem, it has a revenue problem; corporations are dodging taxes in too many ways for me to document here (do your own research, the topics are all over this message board), and the upper tax bracket is crying about having the rate "go up" to something historically low as 39.6%, far lower than the 51% or 71% or 91% that same rate has been within the last 50-60 years or so. And the economy was not subject to all these bubbles and busts in the days of those high upper bracket tax rates ... the oligarchs had far less money to corrupt our political system with, far less money to gamble with, screwing up our economy in the process.

You talk about "personal responsibility" ... how much "personal responsibility" are these millionaires and billionaires showing by paying a ridiculously low "capital gains" tax rate instead of having all income taxed the same ? Why should these fat cats pay a lower tax rate on money they made sitting on their ass than a hard working stiff pays on money they make sweating through a 40-60 hour work week ?

There are topics all over this message board dealing with the republicans war on women; I'm not going to waste my time adding links here, because I doubt you will bother to read them anyhow, since your mind is already made up.

Dragging out the complaints about Sandra Fluke and her birth control again ? Really ? Are you kidding me ?