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Here is an interesting article on shoe import tariffs.  Depending on the type of shoe, the import tariff can range from 8% to 67.5%.  Even with tariffs, why are most of our shoes made overseas?  Are the tariffs too little?  Am I missing something here?,0,7702140.story



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The tarriffs are too little

The tarriffs are too little to protect U.S. industry.  With government subsidies and currency manipulation, foreign authoritarian governments have as much as a 40% costs advantage even before labor, regulations, etc. etc. are included.  When you add the manufacturing infrastructure (suppliers, factory technology investment, etc. etc.) which is growing in Asia and declining in Western countries, the cost advantage authoritarian countries have is stunning.  Workers laboring under authoritarian governments are massively undercutting free workers everywhere, and nobody really seems to care.

The melding of authoritarianism and capitalism seems to be working fine for the banking and CEO set.

Nice to see how our good ol' Democrat Maria Cantwell is leading the charge to reduce the tarriffs.  As far as I'm concerned they should double them. 

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Well said!  

Well said!  

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Double the tariff?

Double the tariff?  Birkenstock,  Made in Germany.  Half the Libs in the country would be shoeless.

You've never worn

You've never worn Birkenstocks?

Everything we consume would

Everything we consume would "cost less" if it weren't manufactured here.


Back door sales taxes: I

Back door sales taxes: I would normally go along with tariffs on items that are not day-to-day necessities, especially children's shoes which Aaliyah pointed to. Anybody's who has raised children can swear on a mountain's stack of old NYC telephone directories reaching the moon what budget killers kids shoes are to any household's budget.

It's an emotional killer for adults when they have to explain what happened to the once great American shoe industry; especially if they live in New England. We used to be to shoes what Detroit is to autos. Tariffs on items like this aren't the same as tariffs put on more expensive items in the high-tech industry for example. Those companies are increasing their profit margings considerably and any pinch of a tariff wouldn't hurt the wealthy nearly as much as tariffs would average income or poorer consumer.

Besides, the other day I heard Mitt Romney call for a tariff. (SImple reason: a dutiful latter-disciple of Frank Luntz, he's sure managed to hide all his non-tax increases, enacted during his years as Massachusetts' governor as, "fees" ... but we remember and know the damn difference. Real well.)

God expects us to forgive as his son forgave his tormenters while hanging on the cross. But God never expects us or wants us to forget some things. And up here we won't forget those "fees."

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chilidog wrote: Everything we

chilidog wrote:

Everything we consume would "cost less" if it weren't manufactured here.

And we get the added bonus of having less money in our pockets to purchase the "less costly" items.  The multi-nationals make more money by manufacturing elsewhere.  Those living elsewhere make a few bucks doing slave labor while their environment is destroyed.  And we get to save the Treasury Department the hassle of processing all the income and corporate taxes that are no longer coming in.  Everybody wins.