Spain looks like it will be the next domino to fall in the Eurozone crisis

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Over 100 billion euros have left the country in the first three months of this year – that’s more than a tenth of Spain’s GDP.  Fears are growing that just like Greece – Spain will soon need a euro bailout.  But unlike Greece – Spain is a huge economy – the fourth biggest in Europe – meaning a bailout would be a lot more expensive – and a default would be catastrophic for the euro.  

Meanwhile in Ireland – voters took to the polls to approve a new EU treaty that requires Ireland and other Eurozone nations to meet budget deficit goals through brand new austerity measures.   Polls indicate the treaty will likely pass – however results aren’t expected until this evening.  


And the European economic

And the European economic cancer will spread to the US.

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I hope this doesn't mean that

I hope this doesn't mean that Desigual is going to close.