Start calling out the Liars. Now!

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Thom believes that the only way Mitt Romney can win in November is by lying.  Frankly, this is playing out everyday when Mitt Romney speaks.   Unfortunately, the Democrats don't seem to be pointing out these lies verbatim.  This is the same mistake that the John Kerry campaign made in 2004 when they failed to respond to the swift boat lies.   The lesson learned was to never take the low information voter for granted.   Their vote counts equally.


Fletcher Christian
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Choose wisely. Bain Capital

Choose wisely.

Bain Capital choice # 1.

Bain Capital choice # 2.

Man... that's a tough one.

I'm gonna have to get back to you on this one.


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Oklog we're calling out liers

Oklog we're calling out liers let's call out the current administration. 1 the president does notrave the ability to hire or fire cops,Teachers and fire fighters so sayin mitt Romney woul cutthem is bunk. 2 the private sectors doing fiwot with 8.3 u3 and 16u6 it's not doing fine. I can go on 


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In most, if not all,

In most, if not all, republican controlled state houses, funding for budgets for teachers, police officers and firefighters have been cut substantially.    The President has proposed funding to allow municipalities to hire teachers, police officers and firefighters.   Consistently, Mitt Romney, a republican, has promised further reductions in government.

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CC if you're posting from

CC if you're posting from your phone don't you have autocorrect [] ?  Definitely more readable.