State troopers arrested nearly 70 protesters who refused to leave the California Capitol

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SACRAMENTO, CA - State troopers arrested nearly 70 protesters who refused to leave the California Capitol after repeated warnings.

The arrests capped a day of protests over cuts to higher education that saw thousands descend upon Sacramento.

"We've been marching and holding rallies for years. The cuts keep coming to public education. The situation requires collective direct action and that's why I'm here today," U.C. Berkeley doctoral candidate Jennifer Tucker said.

Source of text : (Web Page Contains lots of video)

The California Highway Patrol said 68 people were arrested Monday evening and four earlier in the day.

Maurice Weeks, a member of Occupy Oakland was one of those arrested inside the rotunda on the capitol's west side.

"We want them to support the millionaires tax, we want to cancel all student debt, we want to repeal Prop 13 and we want to democratize the UC Regents," Weeks said.

He was arrested about an hour later, along with roughly 70 others students and Occupy members.

Protesters arrested in the Capitol rotunda were processed at the CHP academy and then release in the parking lot of IKEA in West Sacramento, according to an ACLU observer.

They were part of a boisterous daylong protest over state budget cuts to higher education that have led to steep tuition increases and fewer courses at California's public universities and colleges.

Thousands swarmed the Capitol lawn, waving signs and chanting, "They say cut back, we say fight back."

Monday night, hundreds of demonstrators protested outside the Capitol. There were just as many uniformed officers in riot gear. No arrests were made.

"There's no reason why there's hundreds of cops in riot gear. Even if they are going to arrest a couple dozen people inside the Capitol," teacher Lita Blank said. "It's upsetting. I live in democracy. I don't know why they had to turn out in riot gear."

"We had a pledge of non-violence and we kept it," UC Berkeley graduate student Javiera Barandarian said.


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The California Highway Patrol

The California Highway Patrol (State Police) have earned themselves a very good reputation over the years for being curious and friendly as they go about doing their very difficult job dealing with people who are no always happy to see them.  I am saddened to see that they are being commanded to show up at demonstrations being held by respectable educators and public servants clad in riot gear.  What the heck is becoming of our police force?  They are loosing their humanity and dressing like jedi's marching off to war and just itching for a fight. At least they were wise enough not to use their riot sticks and cans of military grade mace on the kind dedicated people who educate our sons and daughters.

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I guess since our state

I guess since our state national guard regiments have been drafted to fight the Bush / Cheney war's overseas, Our local police have become militarized and fill in for them so that our local police are now the new state militias.  So who is going to fll in for he friendly cop walking his neighborhood beat and talking to the local citizenry? 

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We need to bring back the

We need to bring back the military draft and put all children of public officials at the top of the draft list with no deferments allowed.