is there a philatelist in the house? or a Postal worker?

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harry ashburn
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this is something i guess a philatelist or a postal worker would know; but I was just paying bills, and peeled-off a "forever" postage stamp from a 20-stamp package. I noticed the front of the little fold-over package has a great big stamp, looks like a bigger version of the stamp; it even peels off like the actual stamps. Naturally, I thought to myself: "Can you use these for stamps? Have I been throwing away perfectly good stamps all this time?  At least the big stamps outta work on packages, right?

I figure I'll ask the post office person next time I go, but in case I forget, do any of ya'll happen to know?
I know its a sticky subject.  You have to adhere to many rules...  It just takes stick-to-it-ive-ness...  thanx! 

"Postage Stamps.. ya' can't lick em!"  -harry ashburn


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I think size does matter.

I think size does matter.