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Do you usually spend $230/ night for a hotel? I know what you're thinking. Typically not. But in this case you are. Just not for you. It's part of a million dollar vacation to Hawaii that you have generously given the 9th circuit court. They are justifying this vacation by calling it a "conference." Have you ever noticed that they never seem to have these "conferences" in Fargo? They always seem to be in Hawaii, Vegas or Puerto Rico. Why? BECAUSE IT'S A VACATION! You can have a conference in Dog Slobber, Mississippi if it were about work. But of course that would not be fun. So these rich government lawyers are forcing you to pay their bill to Hawaii. You may not be able to afford a trip of your own to Hawaii, but thank God you are graciously paying for yet another group of government fat cats to go to paradise. Did I mention its free? Hell, the American people give away more free vacations than Pat Sajak. We are so nice!

All I ask is that the 9th circuit send me a post card. Is that too much to ask for my kindness?


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I can send you a Mr. Rushmore

I can send you a Mr. Rushmore post card if you like.  :)

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Questions are, does Fargo

Questions are, does Fargo have the facilities to host such a group?

And, if they held it in Fargo, what would attendence be vs Honolulu?

Are these conferences a part of vacations? Sure, but is that a bad thing?

And if by holding them in places people want to go, more people attend, is that a bad thing?

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Bush_Wacker wrote: I can send

Bush_Wacker wrote:

I can send you a Mr. Rushmore post card if you like.  :)

That's better than nothing......................I guess.