Well, Well, Well... LOOK Who's "Strings" Are Being Pulled!

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So in a Rolling Stone interview, METALLICA stated that the only way to make money now is to constantly tour.

These are the SAME useful idiots that brought down the SHARING site, Napster.

When was the last "golden age" of music? That's right! During the heyday of Napster.

See, nothing attracts a crowd... like a CROWD! Think of it this way... NO ONE wants to be the first in line to play a QUIET jukebox. But, if the jukebox is already playing... people feed it with money like there's no tomorrow.

There is such a HUGE lesson to be learned from this history.

Ever since I was a kid, all I have ever heard was that technology was going to ruin the music industry. Cassette tapes, Re-Writable CD's, The Computer, etc... None of it has killed the music industry. As a matter of FACT, the more society has access to music... the wealthier the musician becomes.

I wrote what I consider to be the BEST things ever written on this site about the state of music and how it came to be in the sorry state that it's in. I wrote a blog called, "Come As You Are." Do yourself a favor... check it out.

I want you open your mind and actually think about what I am about to write, OK? The illegal shutting down of Napster was one of the nails in the coffin of our society. The final outcome of that trial was, "THAT SHARING IS ILLEGAL!" That's right! If you OWN something... you can't "give" it away! Think about that...

So ANY redistribution of wealth is "illegal". Any CHARITY, is "illegal". Any LOAN is an "Illegal" act.

The very clear message that it also sends is that YOU NEVER REALLY "OWN" ANYTHING!

If you ever wonder why it is that logic, art, love, and understanding just can't seem to get a stable foot hold in today's society... it's because of the systematic, deliberate, destruction of music. Music gets inside of you and makes you smarter, more energetic, more understanding, more sympathetic, more willing to share. All of these traits go into making a better society.

The enormous GREED of those few musicians have ruined it for us all. They allowed themselves to be pawns in a big game of chess. The goal of this chess game is to conquer the threat of SHARING. Sharing information, culture, and love through positive vibrations.

"The MASTER of Puppets is pulling your strings... OBEY Your MASTER" That's a line from a METALLICA song. Ironic, isn't it? They thought they were talking to you and me!

Well, let me quote from another song... "Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!". That's from John Lennon.

If this sort of thing interests you... find my blog, "Come As You Are." It "should" interest you. It's THE reason that we are losing the struggle at every turn.

We simply aren't taking advantage of this massive chunk of technology called the computer and the internet. We should FIGHT any attempt to take this technology away from us with a religious fervor. ANYONE that has threatened this sacred act of sharing... is permanently on my Shit list.

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm


Well, Mr. Christian, how are you and your Tahitian wives doing on your isolated little island? Has the incest begun, yet? Apparently so. Napster STOLE the music from the artist. It's not up to the thief to share. That's not moral. It's still sealing. Hey, "let's go rob Wells Fargo, it's bustin' at the seams" (copyright Joe Ely). But it's ok, Billy the Kid, I mean Mr. Christian because we'll share some of it with the poor. We'll share the empty strong boxes and leave a few dollar bills in. The internet providers will take the rest of the money and we'll ride off into the singing the song we stole and tilt at other people's windmills. Hey, windmills are for us all and the wind is free!

So, I guess I should have the right and steal paintings from museums, then?

If you ever wonder why it is that logic, art, love, and understanding just can't seem to get a stable foot hold in today's society... it's because of the systematic, deliberate, destruction of voting rights and the redistribution of wealth upward. No need for me to put quotes around any of that because anyone that (sic) has threatened this sacred act of stealing... is permanently on my "you're an uncreative fool" list.

Larry Burl Dunn's picture
Larry Burl Dunn
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Napster didn't share anything. They didn't steal anything. They were the middle man that connected you to the guy who had what you were looking for. That's all they did. It was people sharing the music that they had bought with other people for free. The only thing that seperates youtube from Napster is ... well nothing.

You can take a picture of a DaVinci and share that picture with anyone you want. That's not stealing. That;'s sharing an image with others so that they can enjoy the visual as if they had seen it first hand. Nobody at Napster broke into a record store, stole a bunch of albums and then sold copies of them from their basement.

You are dead wrong on this one Larry.

Bush_Wacker's picture
Jun. 25, 2011 7:53 am

Larry - I have solid statistics and facts behind my opinion. I have explained my opinion.

I urge you to do an image search of ANY painting that you are fond of through a search engine on your computer. (I have a hundred or so works of art on my ipod.) If you are viewing them... in your opinion, somehow you're committing a crime.

Do you have any works of art as your screen saver? If you do... then in your opinion, you are committing an act of theft.

Compare your opinion to that of mine.

I "OWN" something. Therefore... I can "give" it to you. After I have "given" it to you... you can then give it to someone else. No one is "stealing" anything.

When our forefathers marched and sang, "We Shall Overcome"... should they have been charged a fee to do so?

METALLICA made more money when their music was free. That's a FACT! That line of reasoning is EXACTLY what Kirk Hammett stated in the Rolling Stone article. Are you going to tell me that you know more about the inner financial workings of the band than their lead guitarists?

Question your role in the human machine. You've been duped, son.

Funny enough, I am willing to WAGER that you did not support SOPA. Yet your conditioned "DOUBLE THINK" brain actually agrees with the ruling elite that imposed that legislation on us.


Thank you for the nice words. It's AMAZING how people react to the truth. Are you familiar with "The Noble Lie"? You are one of the guys chained in the cave that destroys the one who broke free earlier and was now trying to free you.

How about the concept of "WHOLE CLOTH"?

I'm sure there's a rerun of "Three's Company" with a logic pattern that you can follow. Either retort with a sound opinion, or dream of having a 3 way with Chrissy & Janet.

They're not related to you, are they? Because I wouldn't want to commit incest like you say that I do.

(Now do you see why I want to "throw the towel in"? There are too many ZOMBIES! If I survive the intellectual "night", I'll just be shot by a redneck when I escape from the basement. Zombies win. I'm too tired to rock.)

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

I wonder if the printing press would have ever been invented if they had to pay a fee each to original author? And what were all those Monks doing before, copy manuscript after manuscript? It's very likely we would still be in the Dark Ages if we took seriously our new copywright laws.

Dr. Econ's picture
Dr. Econ
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

There are so many ways to get free music these days that is Napster really missed? How about going down to the local public library and burning those thousands of CDs?.......or borrowing from friends and doing the same? Aren't there underground websites where you can copy just about anything? How bout recording from YouTube..there's tons of software out there - some free- to lift a lot of what's there. Maybe not the quality you desire, but a lot of it's just fine unless you are an audiophile.....

My theory is the downfall of much of the music industry sales is profit is the #1 driver now, not quality or artistry.....like much of our society, profit has taken a front seat of many industries and the the soul squeezed out of it. It's homogonized, boring, predictable and the artists are overhyped and overexposed.....Hard rock these days is particularly awful...maybe rap also, but I don't listen to that. Maybe I'm missing something but seems just like a bunch of angry tatooed, bald, screaming, thrashing 5 chord bands out there makes up the whole hard rock industry. No real depth or diversity....Just the opinion of a rock fan from the 60-70-80's.....

al3's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

If you have Netflix watch "Press Pause Play." Used to be that you have to be exceptionally talented or have an uncle in the recording industry to be a big music star. The stuff we recorded in the studios in the 1960s can be done at home now using inexpensive software. The arts are open to anyone who wants to create something. It is called "democratization of the arts" and as film director Kevin Smith says "makes it difficult to stand out" (among all those videos on YouTube).

As a life long creative artist I am amused by it all.

captbebops's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

I'm not talking about not having the ability to get music.

I'm talking about how just about ANYBODY can become a "useful idiot".

One of the main cogs in the wheel of ending a culture of sharing is the band Metallica. (There's a few others... but as of yet, Dr. Dre hasn't given an interview recently about the music industry. If he has, I don't know about it.)

I know that I have been a "useful idiot" in the past. I'm trying like HELL not to ever be one again.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this.

The one that I like the most is: Short sighted greed caused a group of intelligent/talented individuals to miss out on the big picture. Now, they are paying a heavy price for their quick, ill-informed decisions.

They made an AWESOME song called, "Master of Puppets". The Master of Puppets is pulling your strings. They were the one's telling "US" that "WE" were the "puppets" that didn't know any better. It has turned out that "THEIR" strings were being pulled by a march LARGER puppet master.

Isn't it ironic... don't you think?

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

Well, wasn't it silver spoon boy Lars Ulrich who was the band member the most vocal about this? Out of the members of Metallica over the years, wasn't he the only one who grew up rich? The others grew up working or middle class nothings, if I'm not mistaken. And was Lars included in the band because of his talent, or his family's $$ backing in the early days? Lars of course never had the experience most of Metallica's fans have.........too broke to buy CDs....

So........it's the one who grew up entitled, pampered and rich causing all this mess? Coincidence? Methinks it's reflective of this lifelong 1%'er - Lars Ulrich.

al3's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

BTW, Elecktra Records Jack Holtzman in the late 1990s tried to convince the record industry that the Internet was a new means of distribution. His ideas fell on deaf ears or was it "tin ears." The software industry quickly saw the Internet as a new means of distribution. But look at how many stodgy old dinosaurs still don't see the opportunity.

captbebops's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

I am so tired of hearing Metallica whine. They made good music in their time, but their lead singer is quite the wanker. I quit listening to their music years ago after their heavy-handed approach to the internet. Boo-hoo, he has to tour to make money. Like every other musician is the world. It is really hard to feel sorry for a man who gets to do cocaine and groupies at the office--even when they are on the wrong side of 50.

By the way, when you 'illegally' download a song. 95% of the time it only affects the record companies who own the copyright. Most musicians only own the performance rights to their songs.

JoyceFinnigan's picture
Jan. 10, 2012 8:40 pm

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