Where are all the Democrats on this Darryl Isa's stand on Attorney General Eric Holder?

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I'am still waiting for the outrage from the Democratic leadership on this issue against Attorney General Eric Holder. Does Darryl Isa think he's fooling anyone by hauling the AJ in for something he had nothing to do with. What Mr. Isa and the Republican's are doing is mearly a smoke screen to avoid doing anything to help working people get jobs. This distraction is keeping the whole political process in dissary, so the Republican's can continue putting laws in place to surpress the voting rights for American's. It's so obvious even they can see what they are trying to accomplish. This tactic is a stain on the political process, and it cannot be allow to come to pass. A press conference should be held calling the Republican's out and let everyone know that they won't get away with it.

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Jun. 22, 2012 5:37 pm


Nancy Pelosi has been very vocal, but most main stream media don't cover it. I hope the news in the local districts publishes the numbers of purged voters. FL in 2000 surprised 7000 voters. Now that people know all they can do is sabatoge the machines in the poor districts, shut the A/C off, disable the toilets, just make it so hard people give up.

WI learned how to lose votes, I suppose that trick has been taught. Maybe President Jimmy Carter could be recruited to review FL's and other republican state's voting systems.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Event Promoters are successful when they get you to buy into the premise that their event is the one on which to focus.

The pretense of a material difference between D and R works for both of them as long as they can perpetuate the myth that these are the only choices.

With only about 4 months until the next election - and six weeks of distraction already built-in to the calendar (conventions and the Olympics) - each so-called side just has to keep manufacturing these nonsensical (but easily media hype-able) distractions to eat up enough of the rest of the time to keep any real grass-roots campaigns from getting any traction.

When one side pulls too far ahead, it does something to sabotage itself and make the so-called race close again - to justify media focus on it.

The only real chance would be one based on the newer internet technology which was so effectively used last fall in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The government seems to have anticipated this possibility and planted its "land-mine" for interference of such a movement - in the recent fear-this stories of possible "cyber-terrorism".

Much like the "fear-this" hype about possible terrorism-by-forest-fire which was (Surprise, surprise!) followed by a bunch of really big forest fires.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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