The chat room sign in problem from last months Oracle Java update...It's alive !...blocking access for some Java 6 and 7 users

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Last month Oracle closed some security loop holes in Java that resulted in many users applying Java release 6 update 33 through Java release 7 update 5 being unable to access their chat rooms, including those using addonchat like Thom's. Procedures to fix the problem have been posted on the web in various forums, which must be performed by every individual user after they update Java and find they can no longer access chat.

The error message that I received because of this problem after installing Java 7 upd 5 was the following (the error message you receive may be different, but the procedures may fix your problem also) :

Application Error
Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to system
Unsigned resource:

Please note, this problem affects Mac users in addition to Windows users, and may also affect Linux users ... it also affected users of several different browsers, including Chrome and IE, which I use. I was unlucky enough to follow harry ashburn into that black-hole that is known as the "chat-free zone", until i found instructions on the 'net posted by a techie for another chat forum (Thank you very, very much, Greg ! ... see below for a link to his comments). The fix is really quite easy, and involves a couple of little cleanup tasks, including deleting the Java cache, and can be done in 5-10 minutes.

Well, this thing bit another of the Thom Hartmann chatters on the night of 7/9/12 ... poor art. I tried to direct him to my last reply in harry's post which is where he can find the solution, but it seems that is too clumsy. So, I'll copy it to this post, and attach it as the first reply ( it is reply #7 in harry's post, with an update time stamp of 17. June 2012 - 13:18 ) .

Harry and Art were able to fall back to an earlier Java release, Java 6 update 32 i think, as a temporary measure ... links for finding these older releases are in the posts.

A link to harry ashburns original post will be placed here, for those who want to read the history of this problem, or like to read the ramblings of chat addicts going through withdrawal (well, ... i missed the gang). 

Here is a link to the post where Greg included his instructions; you may find some of the other comments useful in addressing the problem you are experiencing now or in the future : 



[ note : this reply was

[ note : this reply was originally posted on 6/17/12 in harry ashburns post ]

I finally got a chance to work on this problem this afternoon, and was able to get the JAVA 7 upd 5 to install cleanly, using chrome on a 64 bit Win 7 system, and to signin to Thom's chat room. This was after doing some housecleaning ... to my surprise, i had remnants of three different JAVA version / update combinations on the system at one time from my attempts to fix this problem.

Some folders had not been deleted when that version of JAVA was uininstalled, left behind by either using the Windows uninstall program, or by using Revo Uninstaller ... i did some of each. I deleted the JAVA folders in question, and also cleared chrome cache and rebooted the pc. After downloading the version 7 upd 5 Java and installing it, before bringing up chrome again to re-try the signon, i went into the Windows 7 control panel section for JAVA and followed instructions i had found on the net to clear the JAVA cache and apps ... 

Another surprise was that although i am using a 64 bit Win 7 system, the JAVA 7 upd 5 that was downloaded was the 32 bit version. Very Unexpected. I do believe that i had tried downloading a 32 bit release earlier, as well as various release levels of the 64 bit JAVA, but the fact that parts of multiple releases were on the disk and probably in memory and / or JAVA cache at the same time kept it from working properly.

What a headache ... locked out of chat for 4-5 days because Oracle closed a bunch of security exposures that Addonchat and others were accessing ...

Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update Advisory - June 2012 

I do not know if Addonchat made any changes to their system to compensate for the problem, or if Oracle did something on their end to fix it, or whether the answer all along was to clear the Java cache. All I know is that it's nice to reconnect to the world ... chat withdrawal is bitch to deal with.

I hope my rambling updates help someone else unlucky enough to end up where Harry and I were.

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Thanks, miksilvr

Thanks, miksilvr

Here is a link to a post from

Here is a link to a post from August 2011 about another Java update problem that prevented the user from accessing chat. SueN included links to a couple of chat forums that will be helpful in researching or diagnosing problems with chat. 


Java updates have been a

Java updates have been a common problem in chat again the last couple of weeks. Some who had been avoiding updates because of problems others were having found the old java would no longer allow them to enter chat. Others had trouble with the update, and had not seen this post about installing java 7 upd 5 , or other helpful problem records on the web that give fixes such as deleting the old java releases and clearing the java cache. Others are MAC users, which I can not help with, since I do not have a MAC.

Another problem that has been coming up is people with new browsers or new computers are unable to click on links in the message board or chat ... that is usually because of the popup blocker on the machine. You need to add Thom's home page url to the popup blocker exception list, which will allow clicking on links in both places.

While writing this reply, I noticed that Oracle released a new Java update on 8/14/12 , Java 7 upd 6 : 


Java 6 End of Public Updates

Java 6 End of Public Updates extended to February 2013



Oracle releases Java SE 7

Oracle releases Java SE 7 update 6, bringing first-class support to OS X ;

Update fully integrates JavaFX libraries and adds support for Linux on ARM. 



 [ the links above have also been included in the following message board post, which can be used by Mac or Linux users who do not want to be bothered reading about Java problems Windows users or non-Mac and non-Linux users are having } 






Which Java should I use ? ...

Which Java should I use ? ... this should help ...

Java Downloads for All Operating Systems 



Oracle has released an

Oracle has released an emergency update for Java for users in Windows based operating systems, Java 7 update 7. This realese appears to have included updates made recently for the Mac and Linux environments, Java 7 upd 6.

Thank you brett.iso for the links; the first mentions Java 7 upd 6 for Mac and Linux, but contains security info about Java updates in general:

Also, please see the Related Articles: for more information on Java update and security issues.


the recent Java update for Mac and Linux, Java 7 upd 6 : 


You can use the following link to determine which Java you are running on your computer, and whether it is working or not :


I installed Java 7 upd 7 on my system yesterday, with the only problems I experienced being caused by Windows UAC settings.  Once those were fixed, the Java update itself went smoothly.  I followed the steps outlined in the beginning of this topic that were developed through the trial and error, mostly error, of installing Java 7 upd 5 earlier.  This includes making sure you do not have old releases of Java in memory or on the disk, and remembering to delete the Java cache / temporary files before starting your web browser and signing on to chat.

At some point I may be interested in modifying my system settings to block Java from running in the web browser unless it was explicitly called by applications that I start.  That possibility was mentioned in one of the articles I found while following the link brett.iso provided.