Chicago Police Employing False Flag Operations

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So we are supposed to believe that NONE of the cameras were working ANYWHERE at the station parking lot OR the surrounding neighborhood.

Yeah, right.

Just like NO cameras caught a plane hitting the pentagon...

Yeah, right.

We are being played... big time.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm


Enjoy this little lesson on how a "news" story is crafted.

Your friendly neighborhood Fletcher

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

Even "I" first missed the DOUBLE THINK in the fake news story about cop cars being vandalized.

Did you catch it?

They say that this type of "thing" is to be expected whenever the police amp up the pressure of "gang members".

If it were to be "expected"... then WHY weren't there any working cameras?

Is it "expected" or is it not? What is it?

cough, cough... BS... cough, cough...

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

Who is the Mayor of Chicago?

Oh! yeah... This guy!

So he FULLY understands the benefits (to the mega rich) of a manufactured crisis... maybe better than anyone. Yes, even ME!

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

A little "trip down memory lane" in the history of FALSE FLAG operations and the use of the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC.

This explains the process.

What I want to make clear is that this process can be used for GOOD.

The SAME goes for "religion". "Religion" is GREAT for good people. "Religion" is TERRIBLE for bad people.

When we see the "Hegelian Dialectic" is action, it is up to YOU to use your logic and reason to judge whether it is a tool of propaganda for a secret/bad agenda or a is it a component that is used for GOOD towards a movement in the light.


"WHY" weren't cameras operational? The obvious answer is that they were operational and simply NOT used in the narrative.

AUTHORITY is not truth. TRUTH should be the authority.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

I am renovating PLATO'S CAVE!

Those "shadows on the wall" are going to come into view.



- Dr. Econ, I'm sorry for all of the "blind links"!

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm



Let there be NO mistake!

What I have just done for you in this small, yet informative little section makes "WOODWARD & BERNSTEIN" look like "FOX & Friends".

If there were "REAL" medals awarded towards journalism... I'd, hands down, be the champ! Instead we hand out Nobel Peace Prizes to chumps that own OIL COMPANIES and then have the balls to warn us about Global Warning and then we have a President who wins the SAME award while being in 3... count them... 3, unlawful WARS all the while MARCHING towards a 4th or 5th, even 6th!

"Killing for Peace is like Fucking for Chastity." - Steven King

I've EXPOSED more... 100% on my own, for YOUR benefit... than you will see in the next 5 years of the CORPORATE NEWS MEDIA. If you have watched and read what I have written... you will have learned more from ME than you would have EVER from Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, & Anderson Cooper COMBINED!

That's right! I'M BETTER than all of those pillow biters!

What? Do you think those were REAL tears he was shedding for JFK? Cronkite was a member of The Bohemian Grove. They sacrifice mock "babies" on the alter of "Moloch" the Owl God, and call it "The Cremation of Care." Do you think they do that because they're nice fellas? Do you think that they're your neighborhood Christians out walking their doggies?

Would you let a known member of The Bohemian Grove babysit one of your kids while you went out and did some "line dancing"? Hell NO! So don't "pretend" to buy their Bull Shit every night from 5-6! Watch them if you must... but count their LIES while you're doing it.

It took me about 30 minutes. Whoopee! I have more integrity in my pinky than those media whores do in all 3 of their dried up carcasses. More than they EVER did! They were nothing more than B-movie BAD ACTORS reading their LINES off of teleprompters... complete with st-st-st-stutters and p................... pauses to make it look like they're really "telling it like it was" because "That's the way it is".

Fuck THEM! Fuck their teleprompters! Fuck their make up artists. Fuck their "assistants". Fuck their limo drivers. Fuck their accountants. Fuck their video graphics. Fuck their agents. Fuck their alcoholic wives. Fuck their bells and whistles. Fuck their fucked up children. Fuck their fucking fans... and Oh! Yeah... FUCK THEM! They are a bunch of LYING FUCKS! Fuck them! Fuck them in their EAR! Fuck them in their OTHER ear! Fuck them where they breathe... the bunch of ghastly Fucking Fucks! To think that I help PAY their FUCKIN salaries to Fucking LIE to me!

Fuck me...

This MASSIVE "dump" of intelligent information I bestowed upon you will NOT be available in the near future because the "Powers That Be" are going to censor the internet because DWEEBS like YOU don't take the time to cherish the internet for what it really is.

So for all of you "Dip Shits" that will have their internet censored and not even notice... a hefty middle finger of SHAME!

For all of you hypocrites that "pretend" to care... but really don't... the internet will be censored and you DESERVE it!

For people like ME... I DON'T deserve this... and for that... I will be taken out back behind the shed and shot like a horse who has a broken leg. Thanks a lot you "thankless", dimwitted, troglodytes! May my DEATH be on your eternal soul.


I have shown you REAL time propaganda... "how" it is manufactured, "why" it is manufactured, and the "dangers" that it produces.

... and for what...

For what!?!

I don't know.

It is truly PEARLS BEFORE SWINE because you limp wristed, skirt wearing, lisping, pseudo intellectuals will be the 1st ones targeted for "re-education" when Martial Law hits.

Yes... those are REAL tanks in STL... they are not there for "show". Posse Comitatus has been forgotten. Habeus Corpus no longer exists. Assassination lists and real time listening is what's really going down.

I know what your thinking... But dear Fletcher... I am a wealthy, leftist... I am worth over 1 million dollars!

Do you know what that's going to get you when the Military Police come rolling into town?... hog tied while you watch some 10$ an hour "grunt" tie up your wife and have his way with her... roll her over and video tape his "buddy" going in for seconds... right before they blow your brains out.

What? Don't believe me?


One more for the "history buffs" out there...

Pol Pot killed suckers who wore glasses. So if you learn nothing else from this thread... remember this...


You're welcome.

Just another message provided by you friendly, neighborhood FLETCHER.


Go ahead and "print it out"... then wipe your Ass with it like our "representatives" do with our Bill of Rights. At least that way, I'll be in "good" company.

Piss off.

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

I get SUPER CHARGED angry when I am being lied to by those who are supposed to "inform" us and "represent" us.

Why am I "alone" in all of this?

How do you guys NOT get "Mother Love Bone, stark raving, lunatic fringe, MAD" at these Bastards?

If we were ALL as vigilant for truth as I am trying to be... imagine the society we'd live in.

Believe it or not... there are WAY smarter people than me! If those smart people threw their intellect towards spotting/ridiculing/destroying propaganda at every turn... we would all know the truth like we know the nose on our face.

How do my fellow "truth seekers" not seek truth?

Why aren't YOU guys finding fake news stories and exposing them?

If we all pitched in... which is EXTREMELY easy to do... the internet is a fairly easy tool to use. Then "maybe" things like last night's shooting spree wouldn't happen.

Shouldn't you at least "try" and see what happens?

I KNOW that each and every one of you guys are better than ANY of the "FOX & Friends" anchors.

Prove me right!

Write something interesting that exposes a lie.

Go for it. It's fun!

EXPOSE The Heritage Foundation and it's connections to the Supreme Court... you'll have a ball doing it and you'll learn a lot WHILE you're doing it.

Come on in! The Water's FINE!

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm
Quote Fletcher Christian:

So we are supposed to believe that NONE of the cameras were working ANYWHERE at the station parking lot OR the surrounding neighborhood.

Yeah, right.

Just like NO cameras caught a plane hitting the pentagon...

Yeah, right.

We are being played... big time.

The plane hit the pentagon. Period. If not, where did it go? It's missing. The crew is missing. The passengers are missing. Air traffic control tracked it as it approached DC. Hundreds of people saw it. They found pieces of it at the scene. If the plane isn't there then where the hell is it?

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Jan. 31, 2011 7:49 am

Birthday and all... Been gone a little while.

rigel1 - My "gut" tells me that ALL of the passengers were killed. Probably BEFORE even taking off of the runway. The plane flies OVER the Pentagon while a payload of missiles/bombs are delivered. Plane lands somewhere else.

Or the plane itself was loaded with weapons and was converted into a "drone type of missile".

We'll never know for sure because there has never been a real investigation.

Our tax dollars provide our Government with all of the necessary tools to deceive us. They've had a lot of practice at it over the years and some of them have become quite good at it.


We wouldn't have to ask ANY of these questions if a REAL investigation took place. We would know the answers.

There are a couple of things that are for sure.

Bush and Cheney NOT being "officially" interviewed is a criminal act in itself.

Norman Mineta's testimony was "wiped" from the record.

No cameras have shown the horrendous act. WHY?

We are left to take the WORD of a government that LIES to us on a daily basis.

Our government does NOT represent us. It LIES to us everyday about Damn near EVERYTHING!

From welfare to warfare, elections to money... LIES, LIES, LIES.

I am AMAZED that even more people don't question EVERY single story that comes out from these proven liars. I think on the subconscious level we do. It gets expressed differently, Congress has a 9% approval rating... stuff like that.

I think the actual horror in acknowledging the fact that we are lied to in a complex "matrix" system of lies, is too much to take in. So we deal with it in other ways. The three most prevalent ways we deal with it is, humor, denial, blind patriotism. What I mean by "blind patriotism" is more of a "Stockholm Syndrome". We "join up" with the side that's "winning" in hopes that it will then keep us safer than if we didn't "join up" with it.

They are all forms of denial. I employ humor to not directly confront it. Most "good people" go the route of the professional wrestling referee. Meaning that they CHOOSE not to see what's going on. Because if they see it... then they would feel morally compelled to "do" something about it. So they "look the other way". Since I think that "you" are a good guy, this is the form of denial that I think you are employing.

Again... it's ALL conjecture because there hasn't been a real investigation.

Doesn't it concern you that there hasn't been a real investigation? WHY do you think that there hasn't been one? I believe the answer to that question is because it is 100% a military FALSE FLAG OPERATION.

No other answer comes close to answering all of the scenarios other than a "false flag operation".

Being that Rahm Emmanuel knows this probably better than anyone else... he is now employing what he knows best... false flag operations as Mayor of Chicago to get his agenda across.

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

rigel1 - Did you know about Norm Mineta's testimony before you stated that a PLANE absolutely hit the Pentagon builiding?

Did you know that it was "wiped" from the official record?

It's up to "crazy" people like me to "put" it back in!

Did you know that Bush and Cheney were interviewed TOGETHER. With counsel! Without transcribing it! Without divulging what they said to the victims families! Without ever going under oath! Without the threat of perjury!?!?!

If you didn't... now you do.

Do you still "KNOW" what happened?

If you do... there are a lot of victim's family that would like to have the answers.

We have to QUESTION, QUESTION, QUESTION everything those BASTARDS tell us! They don't really "like" you or me... so LYING isn't a big deal to them.

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

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