Five years after Wall Street started melting down...

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Key regulations to prevent another financial crisis are being delayed or scrapped altogether.  More than one-third of all the new regulation created by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law of 2010 have yet to even be written.

On top of that, the Securities and Exchange Commission has missed the implementation deadlines on 71% of its new rules.  One reason why new regulations are being delayed is that Republicans in the House have slashed funding for critical Wall Street watchdogs – and are threatening to defund the Dodd-Frank reform law altogether – giving banksters a chance to turn Wall Street into a casino again.


Thank God we are no longer at

Thank God we are no longer at the mercy of the financial sector-oops wrong country!

Why do we only count the melt

Why do we only count the melt "down"?  The DJIA almost double from March 2003 to July 2007.  We're talking over 9 years of recklessness. (not counting the "melt-up-and-down-and-in-and-out" of the 1990's bubble...