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There’s good news coming out of Minnesota where a homeowner was saved from foreclosure thanks to the local Occupy Movement.  Just days before Ruby Brown’s home was about to be auctioned off – activists with Occupy Our Homes Minnesota converged on her property and held a series of demonstrations to raise awareness and keep Brown in her home.  And it worked!

Last week – Brown was told by Bank of America that they would renegotiate her mortgage.  The physical occupations were broken up several months ago – but the Occupy Movement isn’t dead – and it’s helping struggling homeowners and indebted students all around the nation.


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Thanks for the good news,we

Thanks for the good news,we need it, 1% media want to wear us down with bad news. I would hope and imagine the OWS/99% is getting ready for the elections? And would hope they try to be a step infront of big bro.

Is Habitat For Humanity still

Is Habitat For Humanity still building houses?  Sounds to me like there's an abundance of untapped volunteerism.

How can u defend against

How can u defend against thepolice when they come to evict u?

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Building houses for free and

Building houses for free and giving them away at low cost,won`t create economic freedom/justice for the 99%. How can the banks defend against evicting the 99%?  

Guns since you dont belive in

Guns since you dont belive in them.

Dumb and immature.  Think

Dumb and immature.  Think about it.  People have been defrauded and the banks that did the crime are causing huge human disasters in the name of money.  Even if they had been honest financial agents rather than con men, the normal conditions of moral commerce would require that they bend over backwards to protect their debtors from undeserved harm.  There is a good reason why debt must be forgiven in many cases.  The moral equation includes the risk run by the lender as well as the human context on both ends of the loan.  Commerce exists with honor in a range of human society, but it does not determine "family values."  Social bonds and necessities require commerce to be a good citizen, not "robber barons" or "economic royalists."  We have given up on the idea of philosopher/kings.

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Great idea.  Let's everyone

Great idea.  Let's everyone stop paying their mortgage.  Those that have paid it in full  should demand a refund. Banks are guilty of dragging people in off the street and forcing them to buy a house that they had no business buying in the first place.  Then they had the gall to get all those people to take a home equity loan so they could buy a car using the equity they had not even built up in the house they had no business buying in the first place.  Then the rotten bank stopped getting payments from the home buyer and the rotten bank filed for forclosure and waited for a year so the buyer had time to live free and trash the house so the rotten bank could get nothing for it.

Let's go, rotten banksters, we demand our money back. It's the moral thing to do.


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Com,can the 1% guns/N-bombs

Com,can the 1% guns/N-bombs evict revolution/ progress?  Red, keep blaming the the victim for the crime,the logic of a true "criminal"! The honest logic say,we bail out the banks,that mean we "own the banks"! The true morality say we(99%) should FORECLOSE THE WHOLE BANKING SYSTEM & WALL ST and the FEDERAL RESERVE ! NOW THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!  Drc2,your wise post mean nothing to criminals.