Oligarchs control the Republicans Party

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The Republican Party has moved to the “extremes” and is “incapable of governing.”  Those aren’t my words – those are the words of Republican Congressman Richard Hanna who blasted his party during an interview with the Syracuse Post-Standard.  Hanna told the paper, “I have to say that I’m frustrated by how…the Republican Party — are willing to give deferential treatment to our extremes in this moment in history…We render ourselves incapable of governing when all we do is take severe sides.”

In the last few years, Ayn Rand believers and oligarchs have seized control of the Republicans Party and dragged it to the extremes of the political spectrum.  There’s a big difference between Republicans of the 1950’s when Eisenhower argued that anyone who wants to get rid social safety net programs like Social Security and Unemployment are literally “stupid” – and Republicans today led by Paul Ryan who are openly talking about repealing the entirety of the New Deal.

Let’s hope more Congressman like Richard Hanna wake up to the hijacking of their party.


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Russia,has its

Russia,has its mafia,now America has its "mafia"! And they hiding behind politics,just as the Russian Mafia is hiding behind communism. History show when the political/economic system break down,the criminal element become the rulers. Look at Mexico, drug lords rule that country,anybody believe that country or USA is really a democracy,i have a bridge to sell them. The "American Mafia" control our democracy, where is the "Untouchable's" ??   

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The 'American mafia' is a

The 'American mafia' is a bi-partisan buyer......

Both parties are sold out.

Dadgummit!  Would you stop

Dadgummit!  Would you stop that simple-minded nonsense!  The system is sold out, so if you are going to play rather than protest from the outside, you have to deal with it.  There are virtually no Republicans and a lot of Democrats who want to get the money out of politics. 

Having just finished reading

Having just finished reading "Why Nations Fail", I learned that the historical requirements for a country's sustainability are:

A strong central government with laws enforced

Everyone treated equally under the law

The people's will is  given weight through  a representative body with clout

An economy that rewards those at all income levels

Oligarchs, multinationals, monopolies, private equity firms and economically aggressive countries operate on a global stage where none of these necessary constituents are present. 

Therefore, if we are to avoid global economic collapse, each country must protect its own economy in the only time-tested way by restoring higher tariffs

Stop Trade Rape with Higher Tariffs

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Post#1,we know both parties

Post#1,we know both parties are sold out,are you ready to support the "untouchables"? Post #2, Drc2, you have a way with words,i don`t know which i like better ,"Dadgummit or illusional zombie".(another thread) You ready to support the 'untouchables' to attack from outside or inside? Post #3,  Mic,all very good ideas, but are you ready to support the untouchables to fight for and defend them ideas?  Ideas are good,but we need to get real.

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Now that's nonsense! There is

Now that's nonsense!

There is another party on the ballot that has the ideals democrats supposedly love called the Green Party -

If people quit believing in a losing strategy called the Lesser of 2 Evils ( the more effective evil) the Greens would get a much higher percentage of the vote and drag the dems to the left at the very least....

Instead we'll get new nuclear power plants, shredding of the constitution, jailing whistleblowers, surveillance, attacks on OWS, new military bases throughout the world, bailing out banksters and giving them a free pass for their crimes,etc etc etc

By the democrats at levels unheard of even by those mean old republicans.

IF the dems truly were a decent party instead of bought and sold by the most destructive oligarchs they would have passed Instant Runoff Voting or EFCA when they had historical numbers not seen in generations in the house and senate.

But they didn't.

And Obama will cut Medicare and social security and you democrats will sit there and say Thank Goodness for Obama!

Resist the duopoly!

For humanities survival if for no other reason.

In fact if people simply voted for the candidate who best represents their ideals instead of their 'team' the Greens would probably replace the democrats as a major party.

But people throw their vote away on exactly what they profess to be against out of 1 thing FEAR.

Quit living and voting out of FEAR - it leads to bad results.

Well, I usually don't vote

Well, I usually don't vote for either Dems or Repugnants. I haven't since Jesse Jackson lost the Dem nomination many years ago. The Dems made the choice to be the "I'm a twit too" party at that time.

Romney will drag the entire far right into office with him. Face it. That's what the Republican party has become. Some do everything but wear a Swastika on their sleeve. The sad thing is, many of them don't even realize they are doing it.

I have two choices.

1. Vote Dem to keep a really, really  lesser of two evils out of office  until I  can truely cop-out in my coffin (I'm fairly old - not in the best of health). A selfish vote...to make it at least just a wee bit easier in my final years. It slows (doesn't stop) the pace towards an Apocalypse.


2. Vote Green or Nader out of principle in the hopes they'll garner enough votes to remain on the ballot until such time as people come to their senses and opt of  the Corporate State while there is still time to do it.

I'm  an undecided voter this time around..The first time I fit that catagory in decades.

I find it odd since moving to Missouri that the "Show Me State", the birthplace  of Harry Truman, a pretty good Pres., has become the state of "Show Me An Idiot" so I can vote for him/her.

The state is economically depressed. It has been for a long time. If you take I-70 through St. Louis, cross your fingers in the hopes it doesn't collapse beneath you. It's that bad. Edges of the viaduct roadways  are crumbling as they wind their way through the city..

After living in Missouri just a short time it's really a simple thing to comprehend why. I'll discuss it sometime. Both parties, in spite of the "window dressing" differences are responsible, yet the underlying responsibilty rests with those who continue to elect them..

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"


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For whatever reason we

For whatever reason we vote,we have only one choice,the vote for a bad or good cop.(of the capitalist system)We want our democracy back, all progressives(OWS/99%) need to focus on "occupying the election process" from now on! At least til we the people can control our economics. 

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It's not the same as when

It's not the same as when Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

I wonder if Hanna is a descendant of Samuel Hanna, present at the 37th Congress and a beneficiary forever of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Someone with a genealogy subscription can look this up.

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Lei, an important

Lei, an important "dot"(genealogy) to connect 1% and government and another reason why there interests comes before the 99%. The big differrence from Lincoln Republicans and today's republicans is the past GOP supported the slaves "individual" rights and todays GOP support the 1% individual rights. We all know in a true democracy,regardless of race or money we all suppose to be equal? But for some reason,today GOP thinks money has more rights then people? Have money blind them from the lessons of thinking race gave more rights?  Thanks for your post Leighmf,a very important dot.