Pastors for Peace head to Cuba

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harry ashburn
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07/15/2012 05:20 PM

Pastors for Peace headed to Cuba to provide relief

By: YNN Staff

  A traveling caravan of volunteers stopped in Austin Sunday as a way of rallying support for their cause. The group Pastors for Peace is headed to Cuba to bring much-needed supplies to the Cuban people.

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A special caravan stopped in Austin Sunday on its way south.


Called Pastors for Peace, it’s a mix of pastors and volunteers who are taking relief supplies to Cuba—without a license from the United States government.

Organizers say the supplies are needed because of the shortages and hardships caused by the U.S. embargo on Cuba.

"Most of our donations are just medical equipment and pills that have been donated and computers that people have thrown away, but that the Cubans can put to good use,” Nancy Kohn with the group said. “A lot of tools and building supplies, it's our way of saying that Cuba is our neighbor"

The caravans to Cuba started in 1992.

Over the past 20 years, organizers say they've delivered 2,500 tons of supplies to Cuba.


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What are they providing

What are they providing relief for? Isn't Cuba a communist country? The perfect workers paradise. Why do they need help? They should be an example. A great story of success. Complete government control. When the goverment takes over everything, then things should be perfect. A great communist country should be independant. They should need nothing from the free world. They cannot get by without help from the capitalists?

What happened?

(I'm waiting for the predictable response)

harry ashburn
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bringing medicines and

bringing medicines and medical equipment banned for sale to Cuba by the US and many of our client states.  Saving lives.

Fletcher Christian
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The "people" of the United

The "people" of the United States are the salt of the earth.

The "government" of the United States are the armpits of the earth.

Some "representatives" we have, huh?!?

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harry ashburn wrote: bringing

harry ashburn wrote:

bringing medicines and medical equipment banned for sale to Cuba by the US and many of our client states.  Saving lives.

Bogus. Micheal Moore claims that they have the best health care system in the world. Is he wrong? We cannot prevent them from developing and using their own meds. So why don't they do it? Why the heck would a communist regime be dependant on us for medicine? Why are they dependant on our goods  yet we have no need for their goods? They have total government control. Why do they have all of these problems? They should be solving problems not looking for help.

 After all. It is a perfect system.

Please do not post ignorance

Please do not post ignorance as well as idiocy.  Write about what you know.  Even if it is nuts, it is honest.  This just shows you have not got a clue.

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drc2 wrote:[...]have not got

drc2 wrote:
[...]have not got a clue.

I've got a clue. I'll bet anyone on this forum $100.00 payable to the charity of your choice that if anyone of these people will post their Google Earth GPS coordinates and draw a 25 mi. radius circle around their home location I can find someone either sick, homeless, or in the throws of bankruptcy.

This is a political statement, nothing more, nothing less. 

Yup, about the idiocy and the

Yup, about the idiocy and the inhumanity of our policies toward Cuba.  Totally, but expressed in breaking it to bring what a normal exchange of goods would do, were the sycophants and warmongers not dancing the Cuban Exile Mambo.  Castro wanted the casino and plantation owners to accept the tax value of their holdings in compensation.  Everyone knew they were not really paying taxes and that Cuba was a mob-retreat without the legal restrictions of Miami or New Orleans.  

Cuba is an embarassment to the US for our adolescent ambitions and arrogance.  Castro has been punished to intimidate others, and that doesn't even work anymore.  There are secrets buried that may explain what is otherwise a stupid and counter-productive policy or "pout."  Sometimes what explains stupid best is stupid.  

BTW, Pastors for Peace are the most involved of the clergy in local hunger and homelessness.  Making the latter a reason to criticize the mission to Cuba and the political protest of the embargo is typical con deflection, but dishonest in every way nonetheless.

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So everyone in the foodlines

So everyone in the foodlines is fed, there are no children sleeping in cars and using the gas station's restroom to get ready to go to school in the morning? This group said: "Hey, our mission is fulfilled here, lets spend our donations in Cuba so we can make a political statement and feel good about our selves. Let's stick it to the Man." Forget about the 1/5 dollar equivalence we might get here on money donated/spent, let's take it to Cuba and get 1/10.  

WTF!@!  As I just tried to

WTF!@!  As I just tried to say in English, protesting our immoral Cuba policy is done by the most activist and involved people in the churches that sponsor Pastors For Peace.  The clergy and laypeople who go to Cuba are the most involved in serving locally.  Your bullshit comparison is ignorant and offensive.

These real Christians do not see a conflict between feeding and caring for those close and those at the far end of our taxfunded abuse.  They cannot be silenced about our international crimes just because our local crimes are huge.  They are not the ones who are ready to let "austerity" solve budget issues so investors and elites can be protected while the poor work out the consequences among themselves.

When you insult people who are acting on deep conscience and who have suffered for it, you need to get punched in the nose verbally at least.  Up yours, ahole.  Pastors for Peace is patriotic and Christian and you demean both in your ugliness.

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@drc2   The ugliness is in

@drc2   The ugliness is in your soul sir. The actions of this and similar groups is nothing more than "televised moralism". It reminds me of a 70's era televangelist caught with his hands in the cookie jar or down the organist's panties. They could turn on the spigot of tears the moment the cameras come on as they pray for foregivness.

There are sick, hungry, homeless people at the virtual doorstep of these groups yet they choose to waste precious resources, travel and logistical expenses, etc. so they can travel to Cuba and make a POLITICAL statement. True ugliness. 

Your ugly smears against

Your ugly smears against people you obviously do not know is full of bile.  Your concern for those in America is touching.  Your comparison to the TV preacher begging for forgiveness is completely effed up.  Whatever it is that is stuck up your tender regions about Cuba, your post is ignorant and ugly.  You do not know these people.  It is obvious by what you say, and that false witness stuff matters too.

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I have nothing against the

I have nothing against the people of Cuba. I do have something against organizations that wear God on their sleeve and try to use their supposed religiosity to make political statements, something that Christ purposely refrained from on most occasions. Take care of people in need HERE, there are plenty of them.