"Second Judge Finds WI's Voter ID Law Unconstitutional" ... more than 300,000 Wisconsin voters without photo id affected

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I found this item by Brendan Fischer from The Center For Media and Democracy's PRWATCH group today; it gives us some hope that at least in Wisconsin, the ALEC voter-id laws may not be enforced during the November election. 



Risk of Voter Suppression

Risk of Voter Suppression Resurfaces: Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks to Reinstate Voter ID Law



these "R's" just don't get

these "R's" just don't get the point, do they ? ...

WI GOPer Insists Romney Would Have Won if  Were in Place, But Admits "Not Dealing With the Real Reality"



Wisconsin was one of the states targeted by the ALEC voter suppression laws ... they thought it would be easy to do there, with their poster boy Scott Walker in the governors seat. Judges on the Wisconsin state appeals court put a stop to that scheme back in July. Now, Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling says that Romney would have won the state if ... well, if, if you paid no attention to reality. Maybe that's where the republican's problem starts.