Solutions so close,but yet so far.Watch Paul Klugman,Richard Wolff,Chris Hedges on Freespeech TV,they have no 100% solutions.

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They have some moe ot these progressive economists(Thom most on his show) that i could have included,but to get to the point,they don`t know how to make their solutions reality. They say we need to spend more money,we need more regulation,we need political will and etc.. They all know we have the best government money can buy,this is the real problem a solution is needed! These intelligent men should know what would happen if the Federal Reserve could be control by "the people"? Why not let their imagination take them to a public bank Federal Reserve start/create by/for the "grassroots/people"? What`s to stop us? They crash the dollar,we create our own! They start a N-War,they take it with them! Thom,next time you ask one of these progressive economists what`s the solution,try to get a 100% answer. The common sense answer is money,they control us with our money.If we control our money with our own "public bank federal reserve","WE HAVE CONTROL"! Imagine we the money to buy our democratic government back,imagine having the power to put a Paul Klugman to head the Fed? Imagine having the power to make Thom head of the FCC,or Amy Goodman head of DOD? We control our money,these dreams can be reality! So close,yet so far?

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm


tay, were it only about showing what can be done, even by example, the resistance would not be so stubborn and angry about being "shown up." A lot of what you are criticizing in the lack of "solutions" is recognition that describing, much less defining the problem, does not yield the solution. It is like Einstein said, "the problem will not be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." We enter into a process of discovery in "the faith" that standing up for life and humanity against death and desacration is worth it even if we cannot see how from here.

I think there is a message in that stand for life, but notice how the Right has co-opted that meme. How do we make "choice" a great thing personally while we also reject the idea that "consumer choice" is the great democratic power of capitalism? They wrap themselves in pious imagery, and we need to recover more than a secular shell to show the contrast of life and death. The same is true in patriotism.

The money grubbing makes it hard to see moral endeavor inside the system. Rather than worry about it, we need to be building the movement that will make the system yield to a human recreation or fall to clear the field for an earth-friendly, human mutuality. It is also harder to deny the damage this system is doing, so between it being morally corrupt and playing chicken with the Apocalypse, we ought to be getting ready for a lot of people coming our way.

Apr. 26, 2012 11:15 am

Drc2, you`re a right to say "describing a problem doesn`t produce a solution", my point is the solutions i hear are "no solutions". I hear you and agree about "the faith" process,but many are ahead of that process.We have the solution(public bank) all we need are the "activators". The progressive economists know capitalism is beyond repair and the solutions to replace it,but getting the solution to replace capitalism itself,they have none. Time to call them out on it,the natives is restless,the rulers are crazy and mother earth is ready to send all to hell,we don`t have much time. These progressives economists have a lot of respect,if they form a group to jump-start this public bank idea and progressive media be part of the group,maybe,just maybe,we can avoud "Judgement Day".

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

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