Statistics on International Comparisons of Health Care

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Here's a great one to put in your favorites: international comparisons of health care:

This is not the 'simplified' WHO organization. It is a thoughtful and organized display of information. It basically shows that the US has below average care and above average costs, in most  categories (Including wait times. However in some, it succeeds, like in number of surgeries performed).


I can see our systemt

I can see our systemt outperforming other health systems in the number of surgeries.

A friend of mine was told he needed urgent bone surgery...until it was revealed he had no health ins. It seems he was fine living another quarter-century without it.

Medicine, is, afterall, a business. Generating paying customers for even an un-needed product is simply business being business.

The U.S. is #37 in the Northern Hemisphere. This jumpy tune celebrates our bottom-rung position.

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Dr. Econ
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Yes thanks. As if the

Yes thanks. As if the conservatives and libs ever actually read anything contrary to their propaganda!

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I see myself as a

I see myself as a libertarian--and I believe that I understand this point quite well.   Since my position on libertarianism is based on the primacy of individual rights that government distributes with equity without playing favorites and picking and choosing who does and doesn't get such rights, I, as a libertarian, have a big problem with government granting the rights to health care to some (at little to no cost to them)--while others have to pay inordinately for the same service--and those paying inordinately for the same service are, also, usually the ones that pay government to have others get that service as if a right.   From a libertarian's perspective, it is about as big an anathema for government to do as you can get coming from a country that proposes 'equal rights', 'equal opportunity', and 'equal protection'....'of, by, and for the people'....

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But individual rights are not

But individual rights are not exactly the primary assumption, is it? To use an extreme example, if you were going to drink from a poisoned well, and someone prevented you from doing it, that person should not face criminal penalties. It is really harm, isn't it, that one wants to avoid, correct?

The fundemental contradiction of Libertarianism is that it uses government to protect men from each other but does not do so to protect men from nature or natural necessity - even though the harm from the latter can be greater than the harm from the former.