Is there a way to take lying/false political attack ads to court?

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This can be a solution to being outspend by the 1%?


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The rules for slander and

The rules for slander and libel are different in the case of public officials. You are allowed to say more.

I don't think third parties

I don't think third parties are entitled to any remedy for libel or slander.

But even if there were a provable false statement made in an election, what is the remedy, if the "bad" person is elected, or the "bad" proposition passes?  The election is nullified?  I suppose certain politicians can be impeached.


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I believe Oregon has a law

I believe Oregon has a law about any local or state candidates have to present a resume', that must be factual. And I seem to remember they actually were able to force 1 candidate for the House of Representitves into giving up his race, and he faced legal trouble, for lies in previous filings.

Otherwise, if lying were illegal, Mittens Rmoney would be public enemy #1. Never before has this country seen a candidate that every statement he makes is total bullshit.

The latest was his pushback on the You Didn't Build That statement, except the first business owner involved in that had received millions in govt aid, and then his 2nd stop included 2 defense contractors, and a federal highway contractor. Doh.

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"All is fair in love and

"All is fair in love and war",that's how low politics are. We went from duels over honor to anything goes. Maybe somebody will have the courage to fight for their honor,the public should demand that of a good statemen. If you cannot stand up for your honor,why would you stand up for the "people'??