Was our modern industrial revolution a mistake

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Dr. Econ
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Imagine what would have happened if the US was a late comer to modern industrialization. Let's say it kept most of it's population on the farm, like Jefferson wanted. Then, say - a few decades ago, technology increased on the farm and all the people fled into today's cities.

In the past, when the world was not such a global capitalist system, they would have worked in Ford's automobile plants, domestic steel, railroad production, domestic manufacturing of all kinds.

But of course, all that is done in China and elsewhere as global capital seeks the poorest slave in the poorest country.

In short, our modern industrial revolution would never have happened. 



Probably had our industrial

Probably had our industrial revolution taken place in the form of co-ops,(an early American tradition)  rather than corporatism,  things would have turned out much better.

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Herman Daly

Herman Daly (www.steadystate.org) insists immediate sharing should replace infinite growth or growth of shareholder value.  Enough could replace more as access could replace excess. You can download the 10-page summary or the 130-page book "Enough is Enough."  The future could be full of community centers, free Internet books and soft power since life is full of play, exuberance and mystery.

Real world economics review (http://rwer.wordpress.com/) offers an incredible number of articles by Dean Baker, Steve Keen and others that could lead us from the mythological market radicalism or market fundamentalism to a social market economy where cooperation and competition exist side by side. The future belongs to regionalization and decentralization, the commons and the primacy of politics over the economy.

Will we learn from the financial crisis that became a global economic crisis and a state debt crisis?  Shrinking the financial sector and redefining banking as a public service are vital to regain trust and public spirit and reverse the paralyzing trend to plutocracy.

Probably, Demandside, we'll

Probably, Demandside, we'll do some of those things after a merging of economic, resource and environmental collapse. An unplanned reduction of the world's population by 2/3's as noted in Scientific American could be the motivator. The U.S. won't be exempt from that.

I found it interesting that a recent article in Scientific American had the term "Apocalypse" as a part of its' title. It's the first time I've seen the biblical term used in describing what is unfolding.

Three years left to stop global warming before it's irreversable. Having a Denier-In-Chief in the White House doesn't help. He sabotaged the global warming conference in Copenhagen.

I expect the "state of heat emergency" declared by our Missouri Gov. to become an annual event in the not too distant future. If global warming keeps killing the mountain forests of Colo., I expect fire emergencies will become common  in that state. Dead mountainsides burn well.

In the meantime, we should probably focus national debate on really important stuff...like how to strip the world's economies to assure that we can keep a dysfunctional financial system in place.

Political ads in this state focus on who is the true and best conservative to represent MO in Washington, In other words, who is the dumbest  "all-American" twit we can possibly elect for offiice. The most conservative Republican is labelled as "good". The least conservative as very, very bad. The airwaves are filled with the nonsense. I haven't seen any Dem ads.

Playing the fiddle while Rome literally burns is probably a bad idea.

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Juliet Schor » Economics &

Juliet Schor » Economics & Society posits a 21 hour workweek solution to eco sustainability, reduction in income disparity, reduction in poverty, well on and on. Which means it will never be heard. We like serfdom and ignorance as long as it comes with a flag.

If we keep going as we are

If we keep going as we are going, the flag of a collapsed, starving  nation probably won't mean much.

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