What Is A "Discretely Presented Component Unit"?

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Fletcher Christian
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What I am asking for is, common language that EVERYONE can easily understand.

To me... A "Discretely Prestented Component Unit (DPCU)" is BIG TALK for something that is "shady".

My "gut" is usually right on these types of things.

I find it quite interesting that I am having a very hard time finding a DEFINITION of a term that is used SO frequently in Government Revenue Accounting, that it has it's own acronym.  (I notice that acronym's are often used as a political "dog whistle".  Like the act of "PRINTING MONEY" is known as "QE".  The average person has NO IDEA what "QE" stands for.  I have a feeling that "DPCU" is another one of those "dog whistle" terms.)

I came across the term "loosely" defined in a New York Comprehensive Financial Report.  I am NOT satisfied with that "loose" definition.

So, if there's some sort of "DOCTOR OF ECONOMICS" out there...  You know, some regular guy out there who lives a life of a "secret identity".  Then by night... goes by the name of "Dr. Econ"!

If there was ONLY someone like that who could break down economics to a common language that us plain folk could understand...

... In my 'Polly Purebread' voice, "HELP!  Dr. Econ, HELP!"


Or anybody else who is familiar with the term.  If Dr.Econ knows his stuff... this should be an easy one for him to knock out of the park and impress all of us with his cranial capabilities!




Fletcher Christian
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Nobody knows, huh?

Nobody knows, huh?  Figures.

Everybody "pretends" to be SO smart and intellectual.

We like to bitch and moan about the "financial crisis" but we don't really want to look into it.  How typical.

We want to sit back and analyze the false paradigm and entertain ourselves with obtuse talking points.

Has anyone, other than myself... actually read a "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report"?  That's CAFR for those in the know.  The one's who can hear the "dog whistles".

Keep "pretending" you watery little digits!


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In govt accounting, items

In govt accounting, items that are stand alone businesses, that have their own expenses and income, and then gets reported in one line on the "general budget". In Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport has a single line on the general budget, but then they have their own entire budget, income statement, expenses, etc etc.

At the federal level, I am guessing that things like the US Postal service, which is a quasi private company, reports as a DPCU. I am going to assume that the same is true for the Fed banking system.

Any more education you require?

Fletcher Christian
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From what I understand...

From what I understand... CAFR's "used" to put everything into writing for ANYONE to see if they wanted to.

Then... when people started to learn just how much of a FASCIST system we actually have... they stopped reporting everything.

They "used" to disclose how much a State/county earned through the scam of banking "DERIVATIVES" or through stock options on companies like Ford, 21st Century, Motorola, etc...

The amount of pure PROFIT accrued was mind boggling.

So in essence, the financial institutions would say that their budget is "X"... while in reality, it's "Y".

The common example that is often used is that I tell my wife that we have a budget of 100 dollars a month.  What I really make is 1000 a month.  But I only tell her it's 100.  So if we go over that 100... then one of us is going to have to get a second job!  Meanwhile... MONTH after MONTH, I am "squirrelling" away 900 a month to keep for myself that she has NO IDEA that it EVER existed.


Here's why I think that I am 100% spot on correct about this...

This is a DIRECT quote from my State's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR):

"WE DID NOT AUDIT the financial statements of the local government investment pool which represents 100% of the ASSETS and REVENUES of the INVESTMENT TRUST FUND.

WE ALSO DID NOT AUDIT certain component units of the State, as discussed in Note I (A) which represents 23.3% of the ASSETS and 9.4% of the REVENUES of the colleges and Universities and 99.6% of the ASSETS and 98.9% of the REVENUES of the proprietary discretely presented component units."

How can one read that and NOT think that something shady has just transpired?


We are supposed to believe that we are in some sort of financial doom?  Yet... we have ALL OF THE GOD DAMN money in the world to hire SPY's, Snitches, Informants... Hell... we have money to spen on SPIES that SNITCH on INFORMANTS!

We have money to BLOW poor people in other countries to smithereens!

We have money to BAIL OUT criminal's to the tune of 700 BILLION!!!  Only to do it AGAIN because our "representative" Government hasn't changed ANY of the Fucking RULES!?!?!

Yet... we don't have enough money to keep a mental institution open... or to fund renewable energy?

Yeah, right.


To me... this is "IT".  If we want to actually DO A GODDAMN THING about what's really wrong with our Country/State/Nation/Union... "THIS" is what needs to be brought up front and center!

If "THIS" is how KICK BACKS and SLUSH FUNDS and GOOD OL' BOY networks have maintained afloat... then it's high time we poked a hole in their life raft!


So in summation...  A "Discretely Presented Component Unit" is something that generates revenue, or could even accrue a loss, that is "separate" and yet "part of" a "stand alone" and yet "connected" source of income or debt.  (Talk about DOUBLE THINK!)

It sounds to me that this is a bunch of Bull Shit.

I KNOW that everything is accounted for.  There's NO WAY that there are budgets within budgets that have NO accountability.  It's simply NOT possible.  Especially... when the OLD "CAFR's" represented them!  Now they don't?  I'm supposed to "buy" that?

It sounds like "plausible deniability" is hard wired, built into the system.  It's like it's the KEY component.

It's times like this... that I am ashamed of being an American.  This is what "America" is?

Brothers and Sisters... We live in a time of NO accountability. Yet everywhere I hear, "HOW can they get away with that!?!"  It gets yelled into an "echo chamber" and then it funnels its way into a black hole of the subconscious mind.  Then it gets replaced by a "Man bites Dog" update or some "Red vs. Blue" Bull Shit, 3 ring circus sideshow reality TV soundbite.

I feel like the Sheriff in "High Noon".  I "care"... but for the life of me... I do not know why.


So... any of you cats think that I am making more out of this than there is.  Check this article out.  It's from Ronald Reagan's HOME TOWN no less!


We're "supposed" to believe that our towns/counties/states are broke... Bull Shit.




anonymous green
Fletcher in the Raw! You

Fletcher in the Raw!

You sound confused and depressed, and are making no sense. Why, since you know the game to be a game, do you rail at us about what a game it is. We all know it's a game, a profit game, we know that.

Using your mental microscope to point out each facet of the game will only bring you sorrow, and us too who have to watch you writhe in your agony and returneth like a dog to its own vomit, friend.

My advice is smoke a large joint of really good weed.

Then, consider the big picture.

Then, spend a few years considering it until you really are sure you saw what you saw.

Then come back here and speak, after you've put away your childish things.

Fletcher Christian
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anonymous green - I'm

anonymous green - I'm sorry.

But I seem to have missed how it was that the woman from Dixon, Ill was able to steal 30-56 MILLION from a small town in a State that cries it's on the verge of bankruptcy and has to limit your freedoms?

I also seemed to miss your definition of what a "Discretely Presented Component Unit" is.  I am sorry.

I am also sorry that I missed your take on "Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports".

I am also sorry for anyone in your immediate company.

They must have the patience of JOB!


I've said this before... I'm sure that I will say it again.

This is the WRITTEN WORD!  It does not operate on the same level as a TV show or the radio.  There are NO bells and whistles to distract or time constraints to minimize.

In the WRITTEN WORD one can be as precise as needed.

That is why the powers that be don't like it.

So... if you haven't read a "CAFR" or know what a "DPCU" is... then off you go, punter.  Piss off into the sun.

At least go HOUND DOG someone else's balls.



anonymous green
HOUND DOG??????? That's not

HOUND DOG???????

That's not as scary as WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't CARF then DUPC the GTDF to PRTS, then really, friend, you should FRDW the RTYE.

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No, financial institutions

No, financial institutions would not use a DPCU, they would have a different catergory.

As for this:

This is a DIRECT quote from my State's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR):

"WE DID NOT AUDIT the financial statements of the local government investment pool which represents 100% of the ASSETS and REVENUES of the INVESTMENT TRUST FUND.

WE ALSO DID NOT AUDIT certain component units of the State, as discussed in Note I (A) which represents 23.3% of the ASSETS and 9.4% of the REVENUES of the colleges and Universities and 99.6% of the ASSETS and 98.9% of the REVENUES of the proprietary discretely presented component units."


That investment trust fund has a manager who oversees that portfolio. They would be subject to SEC rules regarding their audit. Then items like the universities will have their own budgets, and public/ private partnerships which are also DPCU's within the university budget. The last group are things like parks with ferris wheels, and small guage railroads at parks, and other little projects.


Fletcher Christian
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I am actually not "trying" to

I am actually not "trying" to sound sarcastic.  But, the "sarcasm" seems to be built into it.

This "manager of the 'investment trust fund'" would be subject to the SAME S.E.C. that was so intuitive that it couldn't catch Bernie Madoff?

See what I'm talking about?  I'm not being sarcastic.  There's no need to be.

What it really sounds like is... WE won't ask any questions... so YOU won't tell us any lies.

This "auditory" process has a built in plausible deniability, except it's not PLAUSIBLE at all when you take all of 30 minutes to look into it.


This is the type of thing that I can't tolerate.  This "game" is SO easy to figure out once you take the blinders off.  It's not "that" complicated.  It's not boring.  It's actually very important to the everyday aspects of the quality of our life.  So even if it were "boring' so what!?!  Consider it your PATRIOTIC DUTY!  It's your DUTY to figure this stuff out.  Be a MAN!  Protect your loved ones with the power of knowledge.  It's your job as the head of the family.  Become the patriarch.  Earn it with trust.  Trust earned through responsibility.


Learn how the magic trick works.  It's not "magic" at all.  Like most magic tricks... it's actually a let down when you learn how simple the process is.

I had a co worker that was BIG into magic tricks.  He was a "lonely guy" so he would show you how the tricks were done if you pressed him (he wanted to be somebody's friend so bad).  The biggest let down was when he showed me how he could "bite" a quarter in half... then "spit" the top half of the coin BACK onto the bottom portion of the coin!  Y'know, like David Blaine.

It's nothing more than a rubber band built inside of a fake quarter.  You bend it back upon itself.  Then "fling" it back when you pretend to "spit".

Some magic trick, huh?

Most of these scams that are run on us are not done through some massive genius ingenuity.  All you have to do is "LOOK".  Half of the work is just showing up.


Real estate scams have ALWAYS worked this way.  Create a disaster, then buy up the property when it's at it's lowest or the owner is at his weakest.

Hurricane Katrina blows into town.  Blast the levees.  Flood all of the poor people out.  Poke a hole in a oil well.  Make the spill WORSE by adding toxic dispersants into the already toxic soup.  Poison the area.  Have the government MOVE all of the poor people out in FEMA camps.  Then use 40 Billion to buy the rest off through the guise of eminent domain.  Now you can run a PRIVATE CORPORATELY owned "Keystone Pipeline" through what used to be a city... and Shazaam!!!  You have relocated people out of the way and put in it's place the largest port city in the history of the U.S. exporting our number one export... OIL!

Do you know why Nero played the "fiddle" while Rome was burning?  Because after that fire sacked that part of the city, he could build a palatial complex and simultaneously blame a "cult" for his dastardly deed.  Doesn't that sound familiar?

All it takes is a minutia of effort to figure this stuff out.  If "I" can do it... YOU can do it too!  The only thing "extra" one has to do is actually WANT to know the truth.

It's better to know the truth.


anonymous green
Flasher in the Rye, Did you

Flasher in the Rye,

Did you just turn 17, or have you kept your mind in a box, stuffed in a drawer?

Now that you have discovered the 'truth' about the magic quarter, do you think everyone else was as gullible as you are?

Methinks you protest too much.

All I hear when you rant is "Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!"

"Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!""Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!"



Fletcher Christian
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anonymous green - If what I

anonymous green - If what I am saying is SO obvious... then why haven't you said it?

Is it because you lack social skills?  Do "girls" still make you nervous?

Did you work in an arcade in the 80's?

Write an article.  Communicate with us.  Say "something"... anything!  Do something on your own.  Have an opinion that one can follow with logic and reason.  Maybe have a "parable" to help illustrate your point.

Get out of your house full of cats.  Enjoy the company of a real woman.  Stop harassing your mother!  After all, it's her check that you're living off of!

I have this view of you that you are some sort of "LaMont Sanford" hanging around the house giving your parents a hard time!

Old boy... you have a lock on my jock like a pit bull!  It's unnatural.

Now you're doing your Jeff Santos impersonation and biting my lines... the proper phrase is "The lady doth protest too much, me thinks."  I should know.  I used it to characterize another sycophantic pathetic schlub like yourself.

I tell you what... I'll give you a topic that you can impress your "imaginary" friends with.  Write an article about Mitt Romney "pretending" to be Mormon.  He's as "Morman" as the Pope.  He USES them... and they in turn, USE him.  Real Mormans have this "thing" about LYING all of the time!  They don't do it!  Like most folks, they're good people with a moral compass.

You know the "official" Morman church bought up a bunch of FAKE documents in a desperate attempt to keep information about their cult quiet.  One of those FAKE documents that they spent REAL money on stated that a good part of their religion came from a "Magic Lizard" in Illinois.  It even "ends" with a BANG!  I mean the story LITERALLY ends with bombs going off and killing people and even the perpetrator of the FAKE "magic salamander" document has a bomb go off in his car that he actually intended for someone else.

So... there you go!  A factual story that most people don't know about.  It's got everything one needs to evoke an emotional response.  It goes with the RIGHT/LEFT paradigm... so it'll be popular with the psuedo lefties that "pretend" to be progressives.

"FAKE" people LOVE stories about other FAKE people!  It makes them feel "less" fake.

So... off you go.  Run, Forest, run!

Atta boy!  The next thing you know... you'll be able to talk to a woman without your palms sweating.

All thanks to your local neighborhood Fletcher.


Brought to you by the Church of Latter Day Saints and Fanta Orange!  Get Your Bounce On!



anonymous green
Filcher, Don't get all


Don't get all More-Money on me, we all need to understand each other's fate.

We are stuck here in this box, eternally fighting over the stupidest things in the world, for any reason, or no reason.

Like your fascination with the Camaro, a car that was designed to copy another car, the Mustang.

The point is, some go first, and some simply copy.

So, take a deep breath and spend the day defending what you copied in the Xerox of your mind.


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CAFR SCHOOL: Schools and Lottery (RIM of the World Unified School District Expose)


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one more -- http://cafr1.com/

one more -- http://cafr1.com/

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Being -upset- about being

Being -upset- about being riped off, he has valid questions. We need more that give a damn.


"Rise and Rise again until Lambs become Lions"