Who is Responsible for the Crisis of Capitalism?

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"A personification of the causes of the crisis occurs in which the concrete dislocations are attributed to qualities of the targeted group of persons or nations.  Amid this personification, the social system in which these scapegoats operate is not considered.  Capitalism has long sedimented into a natural state of humanity about which there is no more reflection than about gravity.

The crisis broke out because all the actors brilliantly fulfilled their economic functions in the market economy.  Capitalism finds itself in a system crisis because all economic subjects do what the system demands of them as efficiently as possible..

The capitalist work society finds itself in a permanent self-contradiction in which the most efficient use of paid labor displaces paid labor from goods production.. The success of the computer and electronic data processing triggered enormous rationalizations that made paid labor within goods production more and more superfluous.  Thus work ends in the work society because all actors work ever more efficiently by applying the latest technologies."

to read Tomasz Konicz' "Who Is Responsible for the Crisis of Capitalism?" published in the German-English cyber journal Telepolis 6/26/2012, click on




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Geed is good & money is

Geed is good & money is god,is the main reasons for the failure of capitalism.

Government pandering read the

Government pandering read the book throw them all out and you'll understand. 

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There is a crisis in

There is a crisis in capitalism?

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The 99% thru the government

The 99% thru the government bailout capitalism. The 1% is having a "mental crisis",your posts are a good example,you avoid reality!  

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tayl44 wrote: Geed is good &

tayl44 wrote:

Geed is good & money is god,is the main reasons for the failure of capitalism.

And you have a way to make people not greedy?  

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Homo reciprocas could replace

Homo reciprocas could replace homo oeconomicus, access could replace excess and enough could replace more!  Alternative economics puts the horse before the cart.  By creating jobs that pay into social security, closing tax havens and stopping corporate tax evasion, the deficit will gradually fade!

The future could be full of community centers, free Internet books and soft power because life is full of play, exuberance and mystery.  The people united can never be defeated, only manipulated.  Why can't we learn and talk about Jill Stein of the Greens and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party?


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Mau,the 1% make the 99%

Mau,the 1% make the 99% greedy.What make the 1% greedy?  Demand, your post make no sense to the "insane".